Google patents granted on 04 October 2016

77 US patents granted on 04 October 2016 and assigned to Google

1 D768,184 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
2 D768,165 Display panel with a video playback panel of a programmed computer system with a graphical user interface
3 D768,084 Power/data connector
4 9,462,720 Z-lift line-card blind mate insertion/mating
5 9,462,624 Authenticated session establishment
6 9,462,438 Do-not-disturb modes
7 9,462,423 Qualitative and quantitative sensor fusion for indoor navigation
8 9,462,412 Providing content based on previously determined device locations
9 9,462,379 Method and apparatus for detecting and controlling the orientation of a virtual microphone
10 9,462,365 Structure and manufacture of bone-conduction transducer
11 9,462,350 System and method for obtaining information relating to video images
12 9,462,328 Systems and methods for in-home and on-the-go targeted content delivery
13 9,462,313 Prediction of media selection consumption using analysis of user behavior
14 9,462,301 Generating videos with multiple viewpoints
15 9,462,257 Method and apparatus for two-dimensional to three-dimensional image conversion
16 9,462,171 Camera assembly for an electronic device having a seal member integrally formed therewith
17 9,462,083 Server side matching of offsite content viewing to onsite web analytics data
18 9,462,037 Dynamically sizing chunks in a partially loaded spreadsheet model
19 9,462,032 Streaming media content
20 9,462,021 Methods and devices for efficient adaptive bitrate streaming
21 9,462,004 Automatic group assignment of users in a social network
22 9,461,955 Transmission of information during low-bandwidth network service
23 9,461,936 Methods and systems for providing an actionable object within a third-party content slot of an information resource of a content publisher
24 9,461,915 System and method for reducing consumption of hardware resources using weighted cost multi-path flow distribution
25 9,461,898 Determining duration of idleness or abandonment of resources and property
26 9,461,895 Method for detecting and requesting retransmission of lost MPEG-TS packets on lossy transmissions
27 9,461,870 Systems and methods for providing third-party application specific storage in a cloud-based storage system
28 9,461,833 Coalesced notifications for social groups
29 9,461,491 Devices and methods for managing charging of rechargeable batteries
30 9,460,716 Using social networks to improve acoustic models
31 9,460,713 Language model biasing modulation
32 9,460,712 Business listing search
33 9,460,711 Multilingual, acoustic deep neural networks
34 9,460,705 Devices and methods for weighting of local costs for unit selection text-to-speech synthesis
35 9,460,704 Deep networks for unit selection speech synthesis
36 9,460,622 Approach for estimating the geometry of roads and lanes by using vehicle trajectories
37 9,460,600 Detector unit and sensing chamber therefor
38 9,460,533 Generating image compositions
39 9,460,466 Limiting bid selection to eligible content items
40 9,460,457 Automatically annotating content items with an entity
41 9,460,449 Multi-campaign content allocation
42 9,460,358 Extracting card identification data
43 9,460,348 Associating location history with photos
44 9,460,346 Handheld device for capturing text from both a document printed on paper and a document displayed on a dynamic display device
45 9,460,342 Determining body measurements
46 9,460,340 Self-initiated change of appearance for subjects in video and images
47 9,460,300 Utilizing multiple access control objects to manage access control
48 9,460,275 Fingerprinting content via a playlist
49 9,460,230 Method and system for visual styling of visual elements for applications
50 9,460,221 History of reading positions in eBooks
51 9,460,218 Indicating location status
52 9,460,209 Identifying non-search actions based on a search query
53 9,460,205 Crowdsourced video collaboration
54 9,460,198 Process for serializing and deserializing data described by a schema
55 9,460,179 Systems and methods for providing adaptive visualization of synchronization of multiple files
56 9,460,167 Transition from first search results environment to second search results environment
57 9,460,160 System and method for selecting user generated content related to a point of interest
58 9,460,159 Detecting visibility of a content item using tasks triggered by a timer
59 9,460,141 Automatic expiring of cached data
60 9,460,088 Written-domain language modeling with decomposition
61 9,460,073 Systems and methods for mutations and operational transforms in a collaborative spreadsheet environment
62 9,460,068 Narrative-based media organizing system for transforming and merging graphical representations of digital media within a work area
63 9,459,863 System for assessing an application for tablet compatibility and quality
64 9,459,775 Post-touchdown user invisible tap target size increase
65 9,459,727 Synchronization of sensor modules on a computing device
66 9,459,696 Gesture-sensitive display
67 9,459,625 Approach for consolidating observed vehicle trajectories into a single representative trajectory
68 9,459,527 Search control for searching video content
69 9,459,455 See-through eyepiece for head wearable display
70 9,459,454 Interactive social games on head-mountable devices
71 9,459,425 Spooling cable
72 9,459,117 Interactive user interface providing weather information and available trips
73 9,459,104 Systems and methods for performing a multi-step process for map generation or device localizing
74 9,459,018 Systems and methods for energy-efficient control of an energy-consuming system
75 9,458,829 Plastic optical fiber for reliable low-cost avionic networks
76 9,457,970 Modular cross-docking system
77 9,457,477 Variable stiffness suction gripper