Google patents granted on 06 January 2015

45 US patents granted on 06 January 2015 and assigned to Google

1 D720,700 Banana plug adapter
2 D720,692 Power adapter
3 8,931,084 Methods and systems for scripting defense
4 8,931,059 Method and apparatus for cross DRM domain registration
5 8,930,946 Leasing prioritized tasks
6 8,930,840 Determining display order for navigating between application windows and navigating between tabs in a window
7 8,930,734 Managing power states of a computing device
8 8,930,727 Personal computing device having single-cell battery
9 8,930,721 Personal computing device having single-cell battery
10 8,930,712 Metric obfuscation system
11 8,930,594 Integrated circuit with a pinmux crossbar and virtual pins for peripheral connectivity
12 8,930,503 Resource locator remarketing
13 8,930,460 Method and system for determining and sharing a user’s web presence
14 8,930,456 Method and system of suggesting contacts through the display of public posts within a social networking service
15 8,930,454 Providing a shared online search experience
16 8,930,399 Determining word boundary likelihoods in potentially incomplete text
17 8,930,393 Referent based search suggestions
18 8,930,392 Simulated annealing in recommendation systems
19 8,930,359 Ranking custom search results
20 8,930,351 Grouping of users
21 8,930,350 Autocompletion using previously submitted query data
22 8,930,340 Blending content in an output
23 8,930,318 Systems and methods for handling interruptions while updating of an electronic device
24 8,930,288 Learning tags for video annotation using latent subtags
25 8,930,274 Securing payment transactions with rotating application transaction counters
26 8,930,195 User interface navigation
27 8,930,162 Providing points of interest to user devices in variable zones
28 8,930,044 Multi-part navigation process by an unmanned aerial vehicle for navigating to a medical situatiion
29 8,930,022 Systems and methods for determining a status of a component of a robotic device
30 8,929,932 Methods for user-interface over SMS messages based on a reusable stream model
31 8,929,679 Systems and methods for changing contrast based on brightness of an output for presentation on a display
32 8,929,459 Systems and methods utilizing efficient video compression techniques for browsing of static image data
33 8,929,450 Temporal block merge mode
34 8,929,362 Capability negotiation for abstract candidate device model
35 8,928,897 Portable handheld device with multi-core image processor
36 8,928,727 Sharing input device data in a multiway video conference provided in an online social network
37 8,928,691 Rendering map images using modifications of non-raster map data
38 8,928,680 Method and system for sharing a buffer between a graphics processing unit and a media encoder
39 8,928,666 Navigating visual data associated with a point of interest
40 8,928,657 Progressive disclosure of indoor maps
41 8,928,607 Handheld input device for a computer
42 8,928,591 Techniques for providing a user interface having bi-directional writing tools
43 8,928,587 Automatic device login based on wearable sensor fusion
44 8,928,555 Privacy display
45 8,926,809 Standby biasing of electrochemical sensor to reduce sensor stabilization time during measurement