Google patents granted on 08 November 2016

65 US patents granted on 08 November 2016 and assigned to Google

1 D771,138 Portion of a display panel with a graphical user interface
2 D771,122 Display screen with a graphical user interface
3 D771,118 Portion of a display panel with a graphical user interface
4 D771,090 Portion of a display panel with a computer icon
5 9,491,892 Electronic device cooling system with storage
6 9,491,880 Circuit assembly for compact acoustic device
7 9,491,770 System and method for avoiding interfering signals
8 9,491,706 Reduced-power transmitting from a communications device
9 9,491,645 Method and apparatus for wireless network data collection
10 9,491,641 IQ imbalance image compensation in multi-carrier wireless communication systems
11 9,491,616 Device location history anonymization based on stop detection
12 9,491,571 Methods and apparatus for using smart environment devices via application program interfaces
13 9,491,526 Dynamic data center network with a mesh of wavelength selective switches
14 9,491,525 Interactive media display across devices
15 9,491,522 Methods, systems, and media for presenting supplemental content relating to media content on a content interface based on state information that indicates a subsequent visit to the content interface
16 9,491,517 Systems and methods for broadcast audience interaction and participation
17 9,491,494 Distribution and use of video statistics for cloud-based video encoding
18 9,491,300 Handling concurrent speech
19 9,491,255 Method and apparatus for pre-fetching remote resources for subsequent display on a mobile computing device
20 9,491,229 Application experience sharing system
21 9,491,224 Remotely controlling camera functionality
22 9,491,221 System and method for brokering distributed computation
23 9,491,176 Monitoring content consumption by restricted account
24 9,491,159 Secure challenge system for verifying access rights to media content
25 9,491,102 Traffic load balancing in a multi-connect topology
26 9,491,007 Apparatus and method for antenna matching
27 9,490,998 Network-based remote control
28 9,490,991 System and method for impromptu shared communication spaces
29 9,490,850 Method and apparatus for decoding packetized data
30 9,490,720 Power conversion with solid-state transformer
31 9,490,663 Apparatus and methodology for battery backup circuit and control in an uninterruptible power supply
32 9,490,526 Wireless communication antennas in computer displays
33 9,489,829 Smart-home hazard detector providing sensor-based device positioning guidance
34 9,489,822 Systems and methods of privacy within a security system
35 9,489,821 Device and method for monitoring the presence of an item
36 9,489,807 Life safety device with compact circumferential acoustic resonator
37 9,489,745 Using depth maps of a scene to identify movement of a video camera
38 9,489,716 Street-level imagery acquisition and selection
39 9,489,692 Location-based bid modifiers
40 9,489,682 Affecting display of content based on negative reactions
41 9,489,635 Methods and systems for vehicle perception feedback to classify data representative of types of objects and to request feedback regarding such classifications
42 9,489,580 Method and system for cluster-based video monitoring and event categorization
43 9,489,564 Method and apparatus for prioritizing image quality of a particular subject within an image
44 9,489,535 Retrieval of data across multiple partitions of a storage device using digital signatures
45 9,489,462 Personalizing search queries based on user membership in social network communities
46 9,489,458 Suggesting interaction among members of a social network
47 9,489,454 Automatic generation of playlists from digital content embedded on third-party services
48 9,489,447 Scalable current leaderboard using delta-encoded updates
49 9,489,430 System and method for identifying applicable third-party applications to associate with a file
50 9,489,406 Linear time processing of weak properties in a garbage collected environment
51 9,489,394 Systems and methods for prioritizing file uploads
52 9,489,378 Parsing rule generalization by N-gram span clustering
53 9,489,367 Systems and methods for mutations and operational transforms in a collaborative spreadsheet environment
54 9,489,266 System and method of storing backup image catalog
55 9,489,240 Resource management in a multi-operating environment
56 9,489,170 Audio control of multimedia objects
57 9,489,112 Recommended news edition on a map using geo entities
58 9,489,062 User interfaces for remote management and control of network-connected thermostats
59 9,489,003 Active phase balancing in power zones
60 9,488,716 Microphone autolocalization using moving acoustic source
61 9,488,489 Personalized mapping with photo tours
62 9,486,927 Robotic gripper with multiple pairs of gripping fingers
63 9,486,921 Methods and systems for distributing remote assistance to facilitate robotic object manipulation
64 9,486,919 Dual-axis robotic joint
65 9,486,042 Wristband with recessed clasp and method of assembling and operating same