Google patents granted on 10 April 2012

11 US patents granted on 10 April 2012 and assigned to Google

1 8,156,485 Method and apparatus for creating a pluggable, prioritized configuration engine to be used for configuring a software during installation, update and new profile creation
2 8,156,444 Systems and methods for determining a user interface attribute
3 8,156,227 System and method for managing multiple domain names for a website in a website indexing system
4 8,156,109 Anticipated query generation and processing in a search engine
5 8,156,102 Inferring search category synonyms
6 8,156,100 Methods and apparatus for employing usage statistics in document retrieval
7 8,156,099 Interpreting local search queries
8 8,156,052 Electronic shipping notifications
9 8,156,001 Facilitating bidding on images
10 8,154,992 System and method for graceful restart
11 8,154,935 Delaying a signal communicated from a system to at least one of a plurality of memory circuits