Google patents granted on 10 January 2017

73 US patents granted on 10 January 2017 and assigned to Google

1 D776,162 Media streaming device
2 D776,145 Display screen with transitional graphical user interface for navigating event information
3 D776,059 Electrical connector
4 D776,058 Electrical connector
5 9,544,871 Determining and aligning a position of a device and a position of a wireless access point (AP)
6 9,544,759 Systems, methods, and computer program products for managing states
7 9,544,738 Automatically generating and maintaining a floor plan
8 9,544,662 Distributing metadata to peer devices
9 9,544,650 Methods, systems, and media for presenting news items corresponding to media content
10 9,544,647 Attention-based advertisement scheduling in time-shifted content
11 9,544,636 Method and system for editing event categories
12 9,544,628 Method and apparatus for network based adaptive streaming
13 9,544,621 Identification of captured videos
14 9,544,597 Hybrid transform in video encoding and decoding
15 9,544,596 Optimized template matching approach to intra-coding in video/image compression
16 9,544,587 Scalable video coding with enhanced base layer
17 9,544,574 Selecting camera pairs for stereoscopic imaging
18 9,544,485 Multi-mode LED illumination system
19 9,544,451 Multi-core image processor for portable device
20 9,544,385 Providing second content items in association with first content items
21 9,544,359 Provisioning instant communications for a community of users
22 9,544,348 Cloud-based rendering
23 9,544,344 Method and apparatus for streaming media content to client devices
24 9,544,252 Compressing and decompressing electronic messages in message threads
25 9,544,234 Hash based ECMP load balancing with non-power-of-2 port group sizes
26 9,544,226 Efficient address-based rule resolution in a network employing a bit-mapped index
27 9,544,153 Compression of cryptographic chaining certificates
28 9,543,998 Systems, methods, and devices for managing coexistence of multiple transceiver devices using bypass circuitry
29 9,542,976 Synchronizing videos with frame-based metadata using video content
30 9,542,948 Text-dependent speaker identification
31 9,542,947 Method and apparatus including parallell processes for voice recognition
32 9,542,945 Adjusting language models based on topics identified using context
33 9,542,942 Promoting voice actions to hotwords
34 9,542,932 Word-level correction of speech input
35 9,542,927 Method and system for building text-to-speech voice from diverse recordings
36 9,542,844 Providing navigation directions in view of device orientation relative to user
37 9,542,783 Method and apparatus for authenticating access to a multi-level secure environment of an electronic device
38 9,542,773 Systems and methods for generating three-dimensional models using sensed position data
39 9,542,770 Automatic method for photo texturing geolocated 3D models from geolocated imagery
40 9,542,724 Systems and methods for stroke rendering on digital maps
41 9,542,723 Architectures and methods for creating and representing time-dependent imagery
42 9,542,697 Customized landing pages
43 9,542,668 Systems and methods for clustering electronic messages
44 9,542,612 Using extracted image text
45 9,542,488 Associating audio tracks with video content
46 9,542,486 Techniques for real-time translation of a media feed from a speaker computing device and distribution to multiple listener computing devices in multiple different languages
47 9,542,476 Refining search queries
48 9,542,475 Presenting content in accordance with a placement designation
49 9,542,462 Scaling high-level statistical languages to large, distributed datasets
50 9,542,457 Methods for displaying object history information
51 9,542,453 Systems and methods for promoting search results based on personal information
52 9,542,451 Mobile application search ranking
53 9,542,450 Selecting content using entity properties
54 9,542,441 Using web ranking to resolve anaphora
55 9,542,421 Sequencing electronic files
56 9,542,419 Computer-implemented method for performing similarity searches
57 9,542,385 Incremental multi-word recognition
58 9,542,374 Method and apparatus for applying revision specific electronic signatures to an electronically stored document
59 9,542,368 Method, manufacture, and apparatus for instantiating plugin from within browser
60 9,542,365 Methods for generating e-mail message interfaces
61 9,542,364 Tearable displays with partial tears defined by extrapolated paths
62 9,542,361 Collapsible text input box
63 9,542,353 System and method for reducing command scheduling constraints of memory circuits
64 9,542,352 System and method for reducing command scheduling constraints of memory circuits
65 9,542,350 Authenticating shared interconnect fabrics
66 9,542,335 Methods and systems for rule-based flexible cache invalidation
67 9,541,996 Image-recognition based game
68 9,541,986 Adaptive screen timeouts based on user preferences, interaction patterns and active applications
69 9,541,912 Synchronization of appliances to a schedule of a user
70 9,541,632 Method and apparatus for generating reference signals for accurate time-difference of arrival estimation
71 9,541,410 Augmented trajectories for autonomous vehicles
72 9,541,300 HVAC controller with user-friendly installation features facilitating both do-it-yourself and professional installation scenarios
73 9,539,514 Method and system for generating signatures and locating/executing associations for a game program