Google patents granted on 10 November 2015

80 US patents granted on 10 November 2015 and assigned to Google

1 D742,898 Display screen or portion thereof with a graphical user interface
2 D742,897 Display screen or portion thereof with a graphical user interface
3 9,185,742 System and methods for a cloud based wireless personal area network service enabling context activity handoffs between devices
4 9,185,697 Method and apparatus for device-to-device communication
5 9,185,513 Method and system for compilation with profiling feedback from client
6 9,185,475 Signal quality in bi-directional optical links using optical circulators
7 9,185,468 MP4 container file formats and methods of processing MP4 container files
8 9,185,429 Video encoding and decoding using un-equal error protection
9 9,185,428 Motion vector scaling for non-uniform motion vector grid
10 9,185,414 Video encoding using variance
11 9,185,408 Efficient storage of motion information for high efficiency video coding
12 9,185,398 Method and apparatus for providing three-dimensional content
13 9,185,247 Central processor with multiple programmable processor units
14 9,185,246 Camera system comprising color display and processor for decoding data blocks in printed coding pattern
15 9,185,203 Mobile device display management
16 9,185,199 Method and apparatus for acoustically characterizing an environment in which an electronic device resides
17 9,185,167 Associating broadcasting device data with user account
18 9,185,156 Network-independent programming model for online processing in distributed systems
19 9,185,148 Methods and systems for efficient discovery of devices in a peer-to-peer network
20 9,185,039 Application testing through object level code inspection
21 9,185,017 Adaptive video stream testing
22 9,185,016 System and method for monitoring and analyzing internet traffic
23 9,185,011 System and method for reducing latency during data transmissions over a network
24 9,185,009 Status aware media play
25 9,184,999 Logical topology in a dynamic data center network
26 9,184,992 Registration of nodes at remote sites
27 9,184,980 Process for traversing through large rest data graph
28 9,184,917 Method and system for registering a DRM client
29 9,184,898 Channel quality indicator for time, frequency and spatial channel in terrestrial radio access network
30 9,184,845 Dynamic data center network with optical circuit switch
31 9,184,800 Automated sharing of application data over a near field communication link
32 9,184,698 Reference frequency from ambient light signal
33 9,184,552 Method and apparatus for reducing the amplitude modulation of optical signals in external cavity lasers
34 9,184,198 Stacked image sensor with cascaded optical edge pass filters
35 9,183,830 Method and system for non-parametric voice conversion
36 9,183,822 Music selection and adaptation for exercising
37 9,183,736 Smart-home hazard detector providing sensor-based device positioning guidance
38 9,183,733 Controlled power-efficient operation of wireless communication devices
39 9,183,672 Embeddable three-dimensional (3D) image viewer
40 9,183,666 System and method for overlaying two-dimensional map data on a three-dimensional scene
41 9,183,577 Selection of images to display next to textual content
42 9,183,570 Location based content matching in a computer network
43 9,183,566 Systems and methods for displaying advertisements in an advertisement unit
44 9,183,515 Share box for endorsements
45 9,183,499 Evaluating quality based on neighbor features
46 9,183,460 Detecting modified images
47 9,183,452 Text recognition for textually sparse images
48 9,183,438 Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for determining a salient region of a geographic map
49 9,183,405 Method, manufacture, and apparatus for content protection for HTML media elements
50 9,183,401 Systems and methods for securing protected content
51 9,183,387 Systems and methods for detecting online attacks
52 9,183,370 System for authenticating a user to a portable electronic device using an authentication token transmitted to a smart card reader
53 9,183,323 Suggesting alternative query phrases in query results
54 9,183,316 Providing action links to share web content
55 9,183,312 Image display within web search results
56 9,183,311 Ordering of search results based on language and/or country of the search results
57 9,183,297 Method and apparatus for generating lexical synonyms for query terms
58 9,183,296 Large scale video event classification
59 9,183,277 Providing intent sensitive search results
60 9,183,259 Selecting content based on social significance
61 9,183,257 Using web ranking to resolve anaphora
62 9,183,251 Showing prominent users for information retrieval requests
63 9,183,242 Analyzing frequently occurring data items
64 9,183,238 Providing task-based information
65 9,183,226 Image classification
66 9,183,224 Identifying matching canonical documents in response to a visual query
67 9,183,196 Parsing annotator framework from external services
68 9,183,110 Centralized dispatching of application analytics
69 9,183,039 Associating a task completion step of a task with a related task of the same group of similar tasks
70 9,183,003 Mode notifications
71 9,182,990 Method and apparatus for detecting execution of unsupported instructions while testing multiversioned code
72 9,182,975 Automatic application updates
73 9,182,903 Method and apparatus for keyword graphic selection
74 9,182,889 Preventing unintentional user activation of user interface elements
75 9,182,873 Click disambiguation on a touch-sensitive input device
76 9,182,794 Notebook metal hinge as heat sink element
77 9,182,140 Battery-operated wireless zone controllers having multiple states of power-related operation
78 9,180,955 Mechanical assembly for lifting a balloon
79 9,180,882 Avoiding blind spots of other vehicles
80 9,180,369 Method and system supporting audited reporting of advertising impressions from video games