Google patents granted on 11 March 2014

16 US patents granted on 11 March 2014 and assigned to Google

1 8,671,458 Transcoding content based on verification of ownership of the content
2 8,671,389 Web application resource manager on the web and localizable components
3 8,671,387 Compilation and injection of scripts in a rapid application development
4 8,671,299 Delaying the initiation of transitioning to a lower power mode by placing a computer system into an intermediate power mode between a normal power mode and the lower power mode
5 8,671,244 Simulating a memory standard
6 8,671,137 Personalized access using near field communication
7 8,671,106 Indicators for entities corresponding to search suggestions
8 8,671,059 Remote feature delivery for output devices
9 8,670,891 User interface for displaying internal state of autonomous driving system
10 8,670,786 Location based social software for mobile devices
11 8,670,630 Fast randomized multi-scale energy minimization for image processing
12 8,670,597 Facial recognition with social network aiding
13 8,670,455 Method, system and apparatus for the control of transmit diversity
14 8,670,319 Traffic prediction for web sites
15 8,670,000 Optical display system and method with virtual image contrast control
16 8,669,976 Selecting and verifying textures in image-based three-dimensional modeling, and applications thereof