Google patents granted on 12 January 2016

54 US patents granted on 12 January 2016 and assigned to Google

1 D747,387 Camera
2 D747,327 Display panel portion with a changeable graphical user interface component
3 D747,315 Glasses frame
4 9,237,386 Aiding discovery of program content by providing deeplinks into most interesting moments via social media
5 9,237,380 System and method for displaying multimedia events scheduling information
6 9,237,366 Method and apparatus for distribution of 3D television program materials
7 9,237,329 Systems and methods for capturing data of an object
8 9,237,277 Accurate simulation of shallow depth of field using contrast detection
9 9,237,244 Handheld digital camera device with orientation sensing and decoding capabilities
10 9,237,225 Apparatus with dynamic audio signal pre-conditioning and methods therefor
11 9,237,189 Zero-click sharing of application context across devices
12 9,237,182 Situated multi-person user interface
13 9,237,141 Multi-tiered authentication methods for facilitating communications amongst smart home devices and cloud-based servers
14 9,237,087 Virtual machine name resolution
15 9,236,962 Generating reach and frequency data for television advertisements
16 9,236,056 Variable length local sensitivity hash index
17 9,235,976 Smart-home multi-functional hazard detector providing location-specific feature configuration
18 9,235,923 Systems and methods for providing a visualization of satellite sightline obstructions
19 9,235,911 Rendering an image on a display screen
20 9,235,899 Simulating an infrared emitter array in a video monitoring camera to construct a lookup table for depth determination
21 9,235,875 Image enhancement using learned non-photorealistic effects
22 9,235,853 Method for recommending musical entities to a user
23 9,235,852 Distributing content
24 9,235,850 Adaptation of web-based text ads to mobile devices
25 9,235,849 Generating user information for use in targeted advertising
26 9,235,826 Managing delayed participation in a communication session
27 9,235,804 System and method for selecting and serving content items based on sensor data from mobile devices
28 9,235,782 Searching images and identifying images with similar facial features
29 9,235,771 Extracting card data with wear patterns
30 9,235,654 Query rewrites for generating auto-complete suggestions
31 9,235,653 Discovering entity actions for an entity graph
32 9,235,637 Systems and methods for generating predicted queries and corresponding search results
33 9,235,627 Modifying search result ranking based on implicit user feedback
34 9,235,626 Automatic generation of snippets based on context and user interest
35 9,235,625 Ranking media content sources
36 9,235,607 Specifying a predetermined degree of inconsistency for test data
37 9,235,569 Techniques for on-the-spot translation of web-based applications without annotating user interface strings
38 9,235,552 Collaborative audio recording of an event by multiple mobile devices
39 9,235,422 Electronic device mode detection
40 9,235,325 Persona chooser
41 9,235,324 Touch interpretation for displayed elements
42 9,235,313 Efficient motion estimation for remote desktop sharing
43 9,235,299 Touch sensitive surface for an electronic device with false touch protection
44 9,235,272 User interface
45 9,235,203 Mobile device audio playback
46 9,235,049 Fixed focus camera with lateral sharpness transfer
47 9,234,765 Discovering theme and attribute oriented travel routes and relevant geographic entities along a route
48 9,234,763 Systems and methods for identifying and selecting personalized waypoints for presentation on a map
49 9,234,669 Integrating sensing systems into thermostat housing in manners facilitating compact and visually pleasing physical characteristics thereof
50 9,234,668 User-friendly, network connected learning thermostat and related systems and methods
51 9,234,618 Characterizing optically reflective features via hyper-spectral sensor
52 9,234,246 Decentralized electrical load shedding
53 9,233,746 Altitude control via rotation of balloon to adjust balloon density
54 9,233,299 Cloud-based multi-player gameplay video rendering and encoding