Google patents granted on 12 July 2016

75 US patents granted on 12 July 2016 and assigned to Google

1 D761,295 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
2 D761,270 Display panel or a portion thereof with an animated computer icon
3 D761,248 Notebook computer housing
4 9,392,720 Server rack architecture that facilitates reduced current density
5 9,392,615 Methods and devices for allocating resources in device-to-device communication
6 9,392,464 Method and apparatus for providing user equipment access to TV white space resources by a broadband cellular network
7 9,392,344 Audio/video identification watermarking
8 9,392,322 Method of visually synchronizing differing camera feeds with common subject
9 9,392,314 Recommending a composite channel
10 9,392,312 Subscriptions to channels on the web
11 9,392,310 Method and system for collecting and managing TV viewership data
12 9,392,288 Video coding using scatter-based scan tables
13 9,392,280 Apparatus and method for using an alternate reference frame to decode a video frame
14 9,392,272 Video coding using adaptive source variance based partitioning
15 9,392,270 Devices and methods for sample adaptive offset coding and/or signaling
16 9,392,248 Dynamic POV composite 3D video system
17 9,392,235 Explicit way for signaling a collocated reference picture for video coding
18 9,392,104 Limiting user interaction with a computing device based on proximity of a user
19 9,392,064 Providing to a web-based application access at a hardware level to a peripheral device
20 9,392,051 Application distribution supplying a dedicated application to a terminal from an application deposited by the developer
21 9,392,044 System and method for providing geospatial assets
22 9,392,041 Delivery of two-way interactive content
23 9,391,993 Sharing content by indicating activity from users in a social network
24 9,391,980 Enterprise platform verification
25 9,391,979 Managing secure connections at a proxy server
26 9,391,947 Automatic delivery channel determination for notifications
27 9,391,920 Iterative max-min fairness algorithms
28 9,391,911 Congestion window modification
29 9,391,884 Consistent hashing using exact matching with application to hardware load balancing
30 9,391,871 Probabilistic distance-based arbitration
31 9,391,861 Server side experimentation for client side software
32 9,391,829 Pre-loaded identifiers to identify media content for mobile devices using captured audio
33 9,391,827 Conditional audio content delivery method and system
34 9,391,826 Collaborative web based applications
35 9,391,792 System and method for event content stream
36 9,391,698 Systems and methods for achieving improved eye safety of an optical transceiver
37 9,390,877 RF MEMS based large scale cross point electrical switch
38 9,390,726 Supplementing speech commands with gestures
39 9,390,719 Interest points density control for audio matching
40 9,390,481 Enhancing content appearance
41 9,390,473 Displaying applications on a fixed orientation display
42 9,390,456 Summary view of a profile
43 9,390,419 Comparing extracted card data using continuous scanning
44 9,390,414 One-click offline buying
45 9,390,390 Allocating computing resources based on service-level requests
46 9,390,382 Template regularization for generalization of learning systems
47 9,390,252 Mechanism for associating analog input device gesture with password for account access
48 9,390,193 Delay the persistent memory storage of website data to control data that is stored in the browser
49 9,390,183 Identifying navigational resources for informational queries
50 9,390,175 Systems and methods for determining the operating hours of an entity
51 9,390,174 Search result ranking and presentation
52 9,390,150 Automatic continued search
53 9,390,144 Objective and subjective ranking of comments
54 9,390,143 Recent interest based relevance scoring
55 9,390,141 Systems and methods for determining application installation likelihood based on probabilistic combination of subordinate methods
56 9,390,139 Presentation of content items in view of commerciality
57 9,390,131 Executing queries subject to different consistency requirements
58 9,390,120 System and methods for organizing hierarchical database replication
59 9,390,077 Document division method and system
60 9,389,894 Flexible processor association for virtual machines
61 9,389,884 Method and apparatus for providing adaptive wallpaper display for a device having multiple operating system environments
62 9,389,877 Multi-environment operating system
63 9,389,873 Kiosk application mode for operating system
64 9,389,765 Generating an image stream
65 9,389,423 Head wearable display with adjustable transparency
66 9,389,422 Eyepiece for head wearable display using partial and total internal reflections
67 9,389,308 Proximity detection via audio
68 9,389,302 Real-time location estimation of a mobile station in a wireless communication system
69 9,389,132 Methods and systems for estimating an orientation of a tethered aerial vehicle relative to wind
70 9,389,090 System for bidirectional navigation viewing and methods thereof
71 9,389,088 Method of pre-fetching map data for rendering and offline routing
72 9,388,934 Camera stand having constant resistance for a portion of a range of motion along an axis of rotation
73 9,387,896 Slip avoidance
74 9,387,854 Use of environmental information to aid image processing for autonomous vehicles
75 9,387,588 Handling gait disturbances with asynchronous timing