Google patents granted on 13 September 2016

61 US patents granted on 13 September 2016 and assigned to Google

1 D766,311 Display screen with animated graphical user interface
2 D766,304 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
3 D766,283 Display panel with a computer icon
4 D766,282 Display panel with an animated computer icon
5 D766,253 Display panel or portion thereof with a graphical user interface component
6 9,445,517 Etched multi-layer sheets
7 9,445,224 Selective user notification for link termination events in wireless personal area network
8 9,445,155 Gesture-based content sharing
9 9,445,140 Systems and methods for sharing video viewing history
10 9,445,090 Explicit way for signaling a collocated picture for high efficicency video coding (HEVC) using reference list0 and list1
11 9,445,048 Gesture-initiated actions in videoconferences
12 9,445,047 Method and apparatus to determine focus of attention from video
13 9,445,015 Methods and systems for adjusting sensor viewpoint to a virtual viewpoint
14 9,444,917 Data link layer protocol having adaptive framing
15 9,444,909 Application verification for hosted services
16 9,444,780 Content provided DNS resolution validation and use
17 9,444,772 Social search engine
18 9,444,711 System and method of determining latency
19 9,444,631 Certificates for low-power or low-memory devices
20 9,444,279 Wireless charging identification using sensors
21 9,444,141 Antenna system for a smart portable device using a continuous metal band
22 9,443,519 Reducing latency caused by switching input modalities
23 9,443,518 Text transcript generation from a communication session
24 9,443,517 Generating sounds for detectability by neural networks
25 9,443,514 Dynamic voice response control based on a weighted pace of spoken terms
26 9,443,512 Initiating actions based on partial hotwords
27 9,443,447 System and method for displaying real-time flight information on an airport map
28 9,443,413 Somatosensory type notification alerts
29 9,443,314 Hierarchical conditional random field model for labeling and segmenting images
30 9,443,285 Method for sliced inpainting
31 9,443,267 Self organizing electric grid with mobile payment system
32 9,443,250 Learning characteristics for extraction of information from web pages
33 9,443,249 Social network-influenced interest detection
34 9,443,228 Graphical user interface display which differentiates among participants in a group conversation
35 9,443,197 Predicting user navigation events
36 9,443,094 Methods and systems for controlling levels of geolocation access
37 9,443,077 Flagging binaries that drop malicious browser extensions and web applications
38 9,443,076 Protection of user application setting from third party changes
39 9,443,065 Facilitating security enforcement for shared content
40 9,443,035 Method and system for autocompletion for languages having ideographs and phonetic characters
41 9,443,022 Method, system, and graphical user interface for providing personalized recommendations of popular search queries
42 9,443,014 Custom web page themes
43 9,442,990 Determining geographic areas of interest for a query
44 9,442,989 Scoring authors of posts
45 9,442,957 System and method of identifying visual objects
46 9,442,950 Systems and methods for dynamic visual search engine
47 9,442,912 Estimating the number of content items to fill an online space before distributing the content items to the online space
48 9,442,905 Detecting neighborhoods from geocoded web documents
49 9,442,902 Techniques for assisting a user in the textual input of names of entities to a user device in multiple different languages
50 9,442,640 Display mode based media player switching
51 9,442,631 Methods and systems for hands-free browsing in a wearable computing device
52 9,442,570 Method and system for gesture recognition
53 9,442,554 System and method for automatically adjusting an idle time of a computing device based on a pattern of user activity that indicates a period of time that the user is not in a predetermined area
54 9,442,514 Graphite layer between carbon layers
55 9,442,487 Classifier hierarchies for traffic light and traffic indicator detection
56 9,442,292 Directional array sensing module
57 9,442,291 Segmented diffractive optical elements for a head wearable display
58 9,440,652 Filtering noisy/high-intensity regions in laser-based lane marker detection
59 9,440,647 Safely navigating crosswalks
60 9,440,353 Offline determination of robot behavior
61 9,439,563 Measurement method and system