Google patents granted on 14 April 2015

69 US patents granted on 14 April 2015 and assigned to Google

1 D726,721 Wearable display device
2 9,009,843 Social discovery of user activity for media content
3 9,009,834 System policy violation detection
4 9,009,805 Method and system for provisioning an electronic device
5 9,009,788 VoIP phone authentication
6 9,009,750 Post processing video to identify interests based on clustered user interactions
7 9,009,739 Safe browser plugins using native code modules
8 9,009,691 Using an inline stack to improve performance of an applications binary
9 9,009,624 Keyboard gestures for character string replacement
10 9,009,611 Batch graphical user interface generator
11 9,009,589 Conversion of portable program modules for constrained displays
12 9,009,582 Converting spreadsheet applications to web-based applications
13 9,009,516 Adjusting a power mode of a wearable computing device based on motion data
14 9,009,500 Method of correlating power in a data center by fitting a function to a plurality of pairs of actual power draw values and estimated power draw values determined from monitored CPU utilization of a statistical sample of computers in the data center
15 9,009,458 Systems, methods, and media for managing an entertainment system
16 9,009,296 System and method of determining latency
17 9,009,258 Providing content to a user across multiple devices
18 9,009,198 Processing the results of multiple search queries in a mapping application
19 9,009,192 Identifying central entities
20 9,009,188 Drawing-based search queries
21 9,009,170 Book content item search
22 9,009,154 Evaluating presentation of advertisments with regard to ranking order
23 9,009,153 Systems and methods for identifying a named entity
24 9,009,146 Ranking search results based on similar queries
25 9,009,144 Dynamically identifying and removing potential stopwords from a local search query
26 9,009,142 Index entries configured to support both conversation and message based searching
27 9,009,099 Method and system for reconstruction of object model data in a relational database
28 9,009,083 Mechanism for automatic quantification of multimedia production quality
29 9,009,065 Promoting content from an activity stream
30 9,009,053 Multisensory speech detection
31 9,009,044 Multiple subspace discriminative feature training
32 9,009,042 Machine translation of indirect speech
33 9,009,030 Method and system for facilitating text input
34 9,009,028 Custom dictionaries for E-books
35 9,009,021 Automatic transliteration of a record in a first language to a word in a second language
36 9,008,966 Route-based modifications to a map
37 9,008,961 Determining and displaying auto drive lanes in an autonomous vehicle
38 9,008,890 Augmented trajectories for autonomous vehicles
39 9,008,839 Systems and methods for allocating tasks to a plurality of robotic devices
40 9,008,728 Antenna arrangement for 3G/4G SVLTE and MIMO to enable thin narrow boardered display phones
41 9,008,665 Method and apparatus for distinguishing cells with the same physical cell identifier
42 9,008,616 Point of sale processing initiated by a single tap
43 9,008,510 Implementation of a large-scale multi-stage non-blocking optical circuit switch
44 9,008,490 Melody recognition systems
45 9,008,466 Sharing or applying digital image editing operations
46 9,008,465 System and method for use of images with recognition analysis
47 9,008,447 Method and system for character recognition
48 9,008,435 System and method for search portions of objects in images and features thereof
49 9,008,420 Distortion of digital images using spatial offsets from image reference points
50 9,008,363 System and method for computing optical flow
51 9,008,356 Perceptually-driven representation for object recognition
52 9,008,291 Method and system for providing information for identifying callers
53 9,007,960 Method for contention based random access on a secondary carrier
54 9,007,934 Control signaling between VoIP phone and computing device
55 9,007,898 System to share network bandwidth among competing applications
56 9,007,440 Method and system for displaying panoramic imagery
57 9,007,398 Rotated rectangle drawing
58 9,007,391 Image color correction for an image by a graphical processing unit looking up color corrections in a lookup table
59 9,007,380 Animated 3D buildings in virtual 3D environments
60 9,007,308 Adaptive keyboard lighting
61 9,007,301 User interface
62 9,007,225 Environmental sensing systems having independent notifications across multiple thresholds
63 9,007,224 Smart-home hazard detector providing non-alarm status signals at opportune moments
64 9,007,222 Detector unit and sensing chamber therefor
65 9,007,192 Sensor pattern for a tactile input device
66 9,007,191 Sensor pattern for a tactile input device
67 9,007,017 Intelligent battery management method and device
68 9,006,983 System and method for detecting the source of glare in imagery
69 9,003,816 HVAC controller with user-friendly installation features facilitating both do-it-yourself and professional installation scenarios