Google patents granted on 15 December 2015

56 US patents granted on 15 December 2015 and assigned to Google

1 D745,607 Game controller
2 9,215,752 Electronic device with through-display near field communication capability
3 9,215,659 Method and apparatus for disconnecting a wireless communication link between a communication device and a mobile device
4 9,215,502 User behavior indicator
5 9,215,496 Determining the location of a point of interest in a media stream that includes caption data
6 9,215,491 Methods, systems, and media for controlling a bi-directional HDMI port
7 9,215,458 Apparatus and method for encoding at non-uniform intervals
8 9,215,411 Enhancing video conferences
9 9,215,315 Systems and methods for contextual caller identification
10 9,215,302 Method and device for determining user handedness and controlling a user interface
11 9,215,282 Virtual collaboration session access
12 9,215,260 Scalable robust live streaming system
13 9,215,255 Transfer method and apparatus for seamless content transfer
14 9,215,245 Exploration system and method for analyzing behavior of binary executable programs
15 9,215,189 Hybrid application message passing
16 9,215,151 Dynamic sampling rate adjustment for rate-limited statistical data collection
17 9,215,022 Logging individuals for TV measurement compliance
18 9,214,833 Redundant charging and discharging MOSFET driving in battery backup system
19 9,214,778 Method for placing an intermediate device in series with at least one wire
20 9,214,155 Handsfree device with countinuous keyword recognition
21 9,214,022 Enhanced accuracy for tracking tethered airborne vehicles
22 9,214,005 Methods and systems for overriding graphics commands
23 9,213,989 Product catalog dynamically tailored to user-selected media content
24 9,213,946 Comparing models
25 9,213,941 Automatic actions based on contextual replies
26 9,213,907 Hierarchical classification in credit card data extraction
27 9,213,903 Method and system for cluster-based video monitoring and event categorization
28 9,213,841 Method, manufacture, and apparatus for secure debug and crash logging of obfuscated libraries
29 9,213,774 Navigational resources for queries
30 9,213,769 Providing a modified content item to a user
31 9,213,754 Personalizing content items
32 9,213,749 Content item selection based on presentation context
33 9,213,748 Generating related questions for search queries
34 9,213,745 Methods, systems, and media for ranking content items using topics
35 9,213,735 Flow control in very large query result sets using a release message to confirm that a client computer is ready to receive the data associated with a data collection operation
36 9,213,712 Advertising in desktop searches
37 9,213,703 Pitch shift and time stretch resistant audio matching
38 9,213,658 Changing memory access for instruction based on memory access misses
39 9,213,576 Efficient resource utilization in data centers
40 9,213,531 Methods to eliminate extra memory loads while accessing global variables in position independent code
41 9,213,422 Method of automatically moving a cursor within a map viewport and a device incorporating the method
42 9,213,413 Device interaction with spatially aware gestures
43 9,213,403 Methods to pan, zoom, crop, and proportionally move on a head mountable display
44 9,213,394 System and method for determining power consumption
45 9,213,338 Modifying a vehicle state based on the presence of a special-purpose vehicle
46 9,213,337 Detecting lane closures and lane shifts by an autonomous vehicle
47 9,213,185 Display scaling based on movement of a head-mounted display
48 9,213,178 Lens with lightguide insert for head wearable display
49 9,213,102 Electronic device with gesture detection system and methods for using the gesture detection system
50 9,212,930 Method, system and apparatus for reporting events on a map
51 9,212,915 Providing results to parameterless search queries
52 9,212,715 Tunable vibration dampers
53 9,212,033 Extruded drum surface for storage of tether
54 9,212,032 Extruded drum surface for storage of tether
55 9,211,951 Systems and apparatus for tether termination mount for tethered aerial vehicles
56 9,211,942 Controlled balloon descent using straws