Google patents granted on 15 November 2016

42 US patents granted on 15 November 2016 and assigned to Google

1 D771,682 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
2 D771,681 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
3 9,497,790 Simulation of near-field communications
4 9,497,563 Mobile device activation
5 9,497,489 System and method for stream fault tolerance through usage based duplication and shadow sessions
6 9,497,309 Wireless devices and methods of operating wireless devices based on the presence of another person
7 9,497,293 Mechanism for pairing user’s secondary client device with a data center interacting with the users primary client device using QR codes
8 9,497,291 Automatic update distribution for managed devices
9 9,497,276 Trackable sharing of on-line video content
10 9,497,185 Systems, methods, and computer program products for providing application validation
11 9,497,153 Associating a segment of an electronic message with one or more segment addressees
12 9,497,147 Systems and methods for supporting downloadable applications on a portable client device
13 9,497,068 Personal analytics and usage controls
14 9,497,028 System and method for remote storage auditing
15 9,496,968 Proximity detection by mobile devices
16 9,496,938 Configurable spatial channel information feedback in wireless communication system
17 9,496,927 Interrupt based near field communication (NFC) pairing
18 9,496,601 Antenna assembly utilizing space between a battery and a housing
19 9,495,874 Automated system and method for modeling the behavior of vehicles and other agents
20 9,495,767 Indexed uniform styles for stroke rendering
21 9,495,686 Serving a content item based on acceptance of a new feature
22 9,495,660 Inferring social groups through patterns of communication
23 9,495,614 Verifying labels for images using image recognition
24 9,495,596 Systems and method for identifying locations of infrastructure assets using aerial imagery
25 9,495,558 Systems, methods, and computer program products for managing access control
26 9,495,477 Data storage in a graph processing system
27 9,495,456 Selecting, ranking, and/or presenting microsite content
28 9,495,455 Programming a dynamic digital media queue
29 9,495,443 Systems and methods for providing search query refinements
30 9,495,425 Sentiment-based classification of media content
31 9,495,341 Fact correction and completion during document drafting
32 9,495,311 Red zone avoidance for user mode interrupts
33 9,495,211 Allocating computing resources based on user intent
34 9,495,207 Cataloging data sets for reuse in pipeline applications
35 9,495,127 Language model selection for speech-to-text conversion
36 9,494,942 Enhancing basic roadway-intersection models using high intensity image data
37 9,494,938 Unique signaling for autonomous vehicles to preserve user privacy
38 9,494,485 Measuring parallelism in lightguide surfaces
39 9,494,437 System and method for automatically generating an electronic journal
40 9,494,332 Thermostat wiring connector
41 9,494,246 Linear hydraulic valve
42 9,492,929 Flat gripper actuator