Google patents granted on 16 December 2014

46 US patents granted on 16 December 2014 and assigned to Google

1 D719,570 Wearable display device
2 D719,569 Wearable display device
3 D719,568 Wearable display device
4 D719,567 Wearable display device
5 8,914,813 Interfaces to enable cross-browser extensions and applications thereof
6 8,914,751 Character deletion during keyboard gesture
7 8,914,749 Social computing personas for protecting identity in online social interactions
8 8,914,652 Delayed execution of operations
9 8,914,632 Use of access control lists in the automated management of encryption keys
10 8,914,582 Systems and methods for pinning content in cache
11 8,914,500 Creating a classifier model to determine whether a network user should be added to a list
12 8,914,483 System and method for event management and information sharing
13 8,914,472 Experience sharing for training
14 8,914,366 Evaluating clustering based on metrics
15 8,914,362 Personalized browsing activity displays
16 8,914,361 Methods and systems for determining a meaning of a document to match the document to content
17 8,914,358 Systems and methods for improved searching
18 8,914,357 Mapping keywords to geographic features
19 8,914,355 Display-content alteration for user interface devices
20 8,914,349 Dynamic image display area and image display within web search results
21 8,914,346 Clustered search indexing for correlated data groups
22 8,914,279 Efficient parsing with structured prediction cascades
23 8,914,235 System and method for detecting a user location using a latest available location
24 8,914,229 Systems and methods for transferring navigation data
25 8,914,212 Pedestrian notifications
26 8,914,043 Creating and sharing private location databases
27 8,913,851 Fingerprinting image using points of interest for robust image identification
28 8,913,827 Image color correction with machine learning
29 8,913,821 Preconditioner for solving linear equations for reconstructing three-dimensional structure of a scene
30 8,913,797 Techniques for determining a social distance between two people
31 8,913,789 Input methods and systems for eye positioning using plural glints
32 8,913,723 Integration of carriers with social networks
33 8,913,300 Occlusion of vector image data
34 8,913,182 Portable hand-held device having networked quad core processor
35 8,913,152 Techniques for user customization in a photo management system
36 8,913,151 Digital camera with quad core processor
37 8,913,137 Handheld imaging device with multi-core image processor integrating image sensor interface
38 8,913,103 Method and apparatus for focus-of-attention control
39 8,913,088 Adjusting displayed content length as a function of map scale
40 8,913,083 System and method of generating a view for a point of interest
41 8,913,068 Displaying video on a browser
42 8,913,067 GPU accelerated compositing on a multithreaded browser
43 8,912,979 Virtual window in head-mounted display
44 8,911,262 Electrical receptacle with lower speed signaling contacts farther from center
45 8,910,905 Combined balloon shipping container and deployment system
46 8,910,862 Retail point-of-transaction systems, program products, and related methods to provide a customized set of identification data to facilitate a retail transaction using electronic coupons