Google patents granted on 17 November 2015

59 US patents granted on 17 November 2015 and assigned to Google

1 D743,381 Control unit
2 D743,370 Headphone assembly
3 9,192,084 Electronic devices and electronic circuits and methods for manufacturing the same
4 9,191,909 Method of registering a device at a remote site featuring a client application capable of establishing multiple wireless connections for transmitting registration messages between device and remote site
5 9,191,705 Managing media quality
6 9,191,619 Using an avatar in a videoconferencing system
7 9,191,530 Portable hand-held device having quad core image processor
8 9,191,529 Quad-core camera processor
9 9,191,500 Caller identification for missed calls
10 9,191,497 Method and apparatus for implementing avatar modifications in another user’s avatar
11 9,191,488 Interactive electronic device packaging assemblies, methods, and systems
12 9,191,486 Notification of mobile device events
13 9,191,424 Media capture during message generation
14 9,191,385 System and method for tracking network traffic of users in a research panel
15 9,191,382 User authentication using swappable user authentication services
16 9,191,298 Distributed forensic investigation
17 9,191,277 Method of registering a device at a remote site featuring a client application capable of detecting the device and transmitting registration messages between the device and the remote site
18 9,191,209 Efficient communication for devices of a home network
19 9,191,141 Overlapping spectrum in optical communication
20 9,191,139 Systems and methods for reducing the computational resources for centralized control in a network
21 9,190,074 Multi-level voice menu
22 9,190,061 Visual speech detection using facial landmarks
23 9,190,054 Natural language refinement of voice and text entry
24 9,189,946 Smart hazard detector providing follow up communications to detection events
25 9,189,892 Systems and methods for activities solver development in augmented reality applications
26 9,189,891 Systems and methods for navigating a camera
27 9,189,884 Using video to encode assets for swivel/360-degree spinners
28 9,189,872 Bezier arc approximation spring system
29 9,189,853 Automatic pose estimation from uncalibrated unordered spherical panoramas
30 9,189,852 Method for manually aligning two digital images on mobile devices
31 9,189,839 Automatically generating panorama tours
32 9,189,826 Multi-channel audio video fingerprinting
33 9,189,820 Methods and systems for creating monetary accounts for members in a social network
34 9,189,795 Selecting content items for display in a content stream
35 9,189,752 Interpolating isotonic regression for binary classification of spam, explicit material or malware using interpolation based on a Delaunay triangulation
36 9,189,751 Automated presence detection and presence-related control within an intelligent controller
37 9,189,747 Predictive analytic modeling platform
38 9,189,708 Pruning and label selection in hidden markov model-based OCR
39 9,189,641 Methods and systems for deleting requested information
40 9,189,638 Systems and methods for multi-function and multi-purpose cryptography
41 9,189,573 Methods and systems to synthesize terrain elevations under overpasses
42 9,189,556 System and method for displaying information local to a selected area
43 9,189,554 Providing images of named resources in response to a search query
44 9,189,553 Methods and systems for prioritizing a crawl
45 9,189,548 Document search engine including highlighting of confident results
46 9,189,528 Searching and tagging media storage with a knowledge database
47 9,189,526 Freshness based ranking
48 9,189,498 Low-overhead image search result generation
49 9,189,496 Indexing documents according to geographical relevance
50 9,189,462 Bidirectional text checker
51 9,189,375 Dynamic sandboxing
52 9,189,340 Secure recovery apparatus and method
53 9,189,196 Compartmentalized self registration of external devices
54 9,189,062 Portable electronic device and method for controlling operation thereof based on user motion
55 9,188,985 Suggesting a route based on desired amount of driver interaction
56 9,188,457 Ergonomic user interface for a portable navigation device
57 9,188,444 3D object positioning in street view
58 9,187,088 Distribution decision trees
59 9,186,077 Method and device with customizable power management