Google patents granted on 18 August 2015

80 US patents granted on 18 August 2015 and assigned to Google

1 D736,825 Display panel portion with a transitional graphical user interface
2 D736,820 Graphical user interface for a display screen or a portion thereof
3 D736,788 Display panel or portion thereof with a changeable graphical user interface component
4 D736,787 Display panel or portion thereof with a changeable graphical user interface component
5 D736,786 Display panel or portion thereof with a changeable graphical user interface component
6 D736,785 Display panel or portion thereof with a changeable graphical user interface component
7 D736,774 Automotive docking station
8 D736,761 Notebook computer housing
9 D736,760 Notebook computer housing
10 D736,664 Wrist band for an electronic device
11 9,113,551 Rigid flex circuit board
12 9,113,438 Apparatus and method for mobile assignment
13 9,113,358 Configurable network virtualization
14 9,113,333 Authenticating a user of a system using near field communication
15 9,113,306 Predictive assistance information
16 9,113,254 Earbud with pivoting acoustic duct
17 9,113,203 Generating a sequence of audio fingerprints at a set top box
18 9,113,202 Inverted client-side fingerprinting and matching
19 9,113,164 Constant bit rate control using implicit quantization values
20 9,113,076 Automatically capturing information such as capturing information using a document-aware device
21 9,113,032 Selecting participants in a video conference
22 9,113,010 Portable hand-held device having quad core image processor
23 9,113,009 Portable device with dual image sensors and quad-core processor
24 9,113,008 Handheld imaging device with multi-core image processor integrating common bus interface and dedicated image sensor interface
25 9,113,007 Camera with linked parallel processor cores
26 9,112,938 Adaptive playback with look-ahead
27 9,112,859 Method and apparatus for electronic device access
28 9,112,856 Generation of one time use login pairs via a secure mobile communication device for login on an unsecure communication device
29 9,112,790 Fabric network
30 9,112,731 Prioritization of incoming communications
31 9,112,706 Determining cost effective ways of communicating
32 9,112,466 Method for controlling volume using a rotating knob interface
33 9,111,539 Editing voice input
34 9,111,537 Real-time audio recognition protocol
35 9,111,534 Creation of spoken news programs
36 9,111,473 Input system
37 9,111,397 Pre-fetching map tile data along a route
38 9,111,350 Conversion of monoscopic visual content to stereoscopic 3D
39 9,111,284 Maintaining a history of query results
40 9,111,282 Method and system for identifying business records
41 9,111,231 Associating a web session with a household member
42 9,111,218 Method and system for remediating topic drift in near-real-time classification of customer feedback
43 9,111,133 Use of unknown user data for identifying known users
44 9,111,093 Using signals from developer clusters
45 9,111,074 Login synchronization for related websites
46 9,111,011 Local query suggestions
47 9,111,000 In-context searching
48 9,110,998 Hierarchical behavioral profile
49 9,110,995 Framework for selecting and presenting answer boxes relevant to user input as query suggestions
50 9,110,993 Search query reformulation using result term occurrence count
51 9,110,988 Methods, systems, and media for aggregating and presenting multiple videos of an event
52 9,110,984 Methods and systems for constructing a taxonomy based on hierarchical clustering
53 9,110,982 Method, system, and computer program product for obtaining crowd-sourced location information
54 9,110,981 Performance reporting for media content by subject
55 9,110,975 Search result inputs using variant generalized queries
56 9,110,943 Identifying an image for an entity
57 9,110,933 Processing data triggers in an untrusted environment based on information stored in a trusted environment
58 9,110,923 Ranking over hashes
59 9,110,922 Joint embedding for item association
60 9,110,902 Application-driven playback of offline encrypted content with unaware DRM module
61 9,110,891 Auto-translation for multi user audio and video
62 9,110,880 Acoustically informed pruning for language modeling
63 9,110,852 Methods and systems for extracting information from text
64 9,110,846 Methods and systems for saving draft electronic communications
65 9,110,823 Adaptive and prioritized replication scheduling in storage clusters
66 9,110,740 Per-value user notification throttling in software application
67 9,110,663 Initialize a computing device to perform an action
68 9,110,589 Tab bar control for mobile devices
69 9,110,573 Personalized viewports for interactive digital maps
70 9,110,568 Browser tab management
71 9,110,562 Snapping a pointing-indicator to a scene boundary of a video
72 9,110,534 Stylus devices having variable electrical characteristics for capacitive touchscreens
73 9,110,519 Method for managing screen orientation of a portable electronic device
74 9,110,280 Viewable surface having unnoticeable smudges
75 9,110,196 Detecting road weather conditions
76 9,109,917 Systems and methods for providing input suggestions via the head unit of a vehicle
77 9,108,640 Systems and methods for monitoring and reporting road quality
78 9,108,571 Method, system, and computer program product for image capture positioning using a pattern of invisible light
79 9,108,430 Disposable digital camera with printing assembly
80 9,107,462 Textile pattern optimization based on fabric orientation and bias characterization