Google patents granted on 19 April 2016

78 US patents granted on 19 April 2016 and assigned to Google

1 D754,204 Display screen or a portion thereof with a graphical user interface
2 D754,203 Display screen or a portion thereof with a graphical user interface
3 D754,190 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
4 D754,189 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
5 D754,184 Portion of a display panel with an animated computer icon
6 D754,169 Portion of a display panel with an animated computer icon
7 9,320,023 Method and apparatus for receiving a control channel
8 9,319,980 Efficient digital image distribution
9 9,319,914 Signal measurement on component carriers in wireless communication systems
10 9,319,905 Re-tasking balloons in a balloon network based on expected failure modes of balloons
11 9,319,854 High fidelity voicemail system
12 9,319,832 Location-based social software for mobile devices
13 9,319,778 Communicating via a body-area network
14 9,319,711 Joint sub-pixel interpolation filter for temporal prediction
15 9,319,681 Signaling of temporal motion vector predictor (MVP) enable flag
16 9,319,629 Endpoint device-specific stream control for multimedia conferencing
17 9,319,576 Multi-processor support for array imagers
18 9,319,555 Handheld device for capturing text from both a document printed on paper and a document displayed on a dynamic display device
19 9,319,486 Predicting interest levels associated with publication and content item combinations
20 9,319,451 Systems and methods for selecting an accounting technique for interactions with electronic content
21 9,319,446 System and method for transport stream sync byte detection with transport stream having multiple emulated sync bytes
22 9,319,434 SIP header to indicate mobility transfer operation
23 9,319,371 Management of commercial messages in a social network
24 9,319,369 Deferring alert of notifications for a particular time
25 9,319,360 Systems and methods for prefetching relevant information for responsive mobile email applications
26 9,319,329 Pacing enhanced packet forwarding/switching and congestion avoidance
27 9,319,290 Method for calculating the subscribability of a channel on the web
28 9,319,264 Networking systems with dynamically changing topologies
29 9,319,243 Message server that retains messages deleted by one client application for access by another client application
30 9,319,160 Method for updating and method for checking an update of at least one data element in a data carousel, and an associated first device, second device, and data flow
31 9,319,096 Ultrasonic communication between devices
32 9,318,904 Battery-charging device and method of manufacturing same
33 9,318,789 Self-leveling antenna with antenna suspended in liquid
34 9,318,774 Substrate for solid-state battery
35 9,318,128 Methods and systems for determining instructions for applications that are recognizable by a voice interface
36 9,318,112 Recognizing speech in the presence of additional audio
37 9,318,107 Hotword detection on multiple devices
38 9,318,104 Methods and systems for sharing of adapted voice profiles
39 9,318,015 Wireless sensor unit communication triggering and management
40 9,317,966 Determine heights/shapes of buildings from images with specific types of metadata
41 9,317,961 Prioritizing node requests based on tile distance to reduce perceptual scene time
42 9,317,873 Automatic verification of advertiser identifier in advertisements
43 9,317,868 Advertisements in view
44 9,317,857 Optimizing provision of engagement enhancing content to users
45 9,317,807 Various ways to automatically select sharing settings
46 9,317,738 Intelligent cropping of images based on multiple interacting variables
47 9,317,721 Privacy aware camera and device status indicator system
48 9,317,709 System and method for detecting and integrating with native applications enabled for web-based storage
49 9,317,606 Spell correcting long queries
50 9,317,605 Presenting forked auto-completions
51 9,317,592 Content-based classification
52 9,317,588 Resource identification from organic and structured content
53 9,317,585 Search query suggestions based on personal information
54 9,317,571 Third party content provider integrations
55 9,317,564 Construction of text classifiers
56 9,317,563 Preferred sites
57 9,317,559 Sentiment detection as a ranking signal for reviewable entities
58 9,317,528 Identifying geographic features from query prefixes
59 9,317,524 Location assignment daemon (LAD) for a distributed storage system
60 9,317,523 Composing objects in hosted storage
61 9,317,522 Saving files from third-party systems directly to a cloud storage system
62 9,317,487 Expansion of high performing placement criteria
63 9,317,471 Bookmarking prospective media content on computer network
64 9,317,470 Method and system for incremental cache lookup and insertion
65 9,317,468 Personal content streams based on user-topic profiles
66 9,317,415 Application analytics reporting
67 9,317,391 Logging graphical user interface events
68 9,317,322 Simulating synchronous execution of asynchronous operations
69 9,317,254 Fault tolerance model, methods, and apparatuses and their validation techniques
70 9,317,201 Predictive virtual keyboard
71 9,317,183 Presenting a menu at a mobile device
72 9,317,043 Path based power generation control for an aerial vehicle
73 9,316,836 Wearable device with input and output structures
74 9,316,830 User interface
75 9,316,736 Electronic device and method for detecting presence and motion
76 9,316,407 Multiple environmental zone control with integrated battery status communications
77 9,315,192 Methods and systems for pedestrian avoidance using LIDAR
78 9,315,178 Model checking for autonomous vehicles