Google patents granted on 19 July 2016

65 US patents granted on 19 July 2016 and assigned to Google

1 D761,897 Pair of pivotal nose pad assemblies
2 D761,857 Display screen or a portion thereof with graphical user interface
3 D761,840 Display screen or portion thereof with an animated graphical user interface of a programmed computer system
4 D761,837 Display screen or a portion thereof with graphical user interface
5 D761,830 Portion of a display panel with an animated computer icon
6 D761,829 Portion of a display panel with an animated computer icon
7 D761,796 Wearable display device
8 D761,795 Wearable display device
9 9,398,731 Cooling electronic devices in a data center
10 9,398,618 Multi-listener wireless medium access method
11 9,398,505 Reducing stream interruptions during network handover
12 9,398,348 Customization of advertisements to content of video data
13 9,398,334 Methods, systems, and media for controlling a presentation of media content
14 9,398,318 Providing secure video conferencing
15 9,398,287 Context-based depth sensor control
16 9,398,272 Low-profile lens array camera
17 9,398,132 Communicating modem or multimedia terminal adapter status to a handset for a cordless telephone
18 9,398,086 Visibility inspector in social networks
19 9,398,078 Annotations of objects in multi-dimensional virtual environments
20 9,398,061 Simulating broadcast television channel surfing for on-demand content
21 9,398,052 Detection of potentially copyrighted content in user-initiated live streams
22 9,397,993 System and method for accessing modular applications
23 9,397,990 Methods and systems of generating and using authentication credentials for decentralized authorization in the cloud
24 9,397,957 Traffic engineering for large scale data center networks
25 9,397,828 Embedding keys in hardware
26 9,397,799 Method and apparatus for interleaving sequence elements of an OFDMA synchronization channel
27 9,397,134 Methods and devices configured to provide selective heat transfer of an integrated circuit
28 9,396,735 System for real time audio processing driven by interrupt and timer event
29 9,396,734 Conversion of linear predictive coefficients using auto-regressive extension of correlation coefficients in sub-band audio codecs
30 9,396,732 Hierarchical deccorelation of multichannel audio
31 9,396,633 Systems, methods, and devices for managing coexistence of multiple transceiver devices by optimizing component layout
32 9,396,599 Systems and methods for anticipatory locking and unlocking of a smart-sensor door lock
33 9,396,584 Obtaining geographic-location related information based on shadow characteristics
34 9,396,577 Using embedded camera parameters to determine a position for a three-dimensional model
35 9,396,508 Use of map data difference tiles to iteratively provide map data to a client device
36 9,396,501 Multi-level following mechanic for a social network
37 9,396,458 Controlling content distribution
38 9,396,413 Choosing image labels
39 9,396,380 Finger print sensor and auxiliary processor integration in an electronic device
40 9,396,316 Secondary user authentication bypass based on a whitelisting deviation from a user pattern
41 9,396,312 Syndication including melody recognition and opt out
42 9,396,268 Framework for selecting and presenting answer boxes relevant to user input as query suggestions
43 9,396,263 Identifying canonical content items for answering online questions
44 9,396,258 Recommending video programs
45 9,396,238 Systems and methods for determining user preferences
46 9,396,236 Ranking users based on contextual factors
47 9,396,235 Search ranking based on natural language query patterns
48 9,396,202 Weakly synchronized garbage collection and compaction for aggregated, replicated object stores
49 9,396,126 Clearing an application cache
50 9,396,041 Optimization of resource usage in a multi-environment computing system
51 9,396,036 System and method for limiting the impact of stragglers in large-scale parallel data processing
52 9,395,876 Receiving a search query that does not include one or more words that name any geographical location
53 9,395,871 Detection and control of multimedia applications
54 9,395,868 Graphical user interface window spacing mechanisms
55 9,395,865 Systems, methods, and graphical user interfaces for concurrent display of reply message and multiple response options
56 9,395,727 Single layer shared aperture beam forming network
57 9,395,726 Methods and devices for bound and gallop gaits
58 9,395,544 Eyepiece with switchable reflector for head wearable display
59 9,395,508 Interchangeable rack system
60 9,395,192 Methods and systems for road and lane boundary tracing
61 9,395,096 Smart-home device that self-qualifies for away-state functionality
62 9,393,961 Verifying a target object with reverse-parallax analysis
63 9,393,922 Devices and methods for an energy-absorbing end of a vehicle
64 9,393,699 Methods and systems for wireless control of a robotic device
65 9,393,693 Methods and systems for determining and modeling admissible gripper forces for robotic devices