Google patents granted on 20 December 2016

49 US patents granted on 20 December 2016 and assigned to Google

1 D774,544 Communications terminal with computer icon
2 D774,530 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface morphing window controls
3 9,526,155 Systems and methods of controlling light sources according to location
4 9,526,127 Affecting the behavior of a user device based on a user’s gaze
5 9,526,120 Techniques for context-based application invocation for short-range wireless communication interactions
6 9,526,074 Methods and apparatus for determining a transmit antenna gain and a spatial mode of a device
7 9,525,936 Wireless earbud communications using magnetic induction
8 9,525,913 Systems, methods, and media for inhibiting the presentation of spoiler content based on requested content
9 9,525,900 Video management system
10 9,525,770 Portable electronic device with dual, diagonal proximity sensors and mode switching functionality
11 9,525,769 Providing interactive alert information
12 9,525,747 Method and system for processing published content on the internet
13 9,525,658 Synchronous communication system and method
14 9,525,641 Facilitating buffer wait time determination based on device- or entity-related conditions
15 9,525,627 Network packet encapsulation and routing
16 9,525,599 Modeling distributed systems
17 9,525,554 Device and method for identifying a certificate for multiple identities of a user
18 9,525,203 Controlling MTD antenna VSWR and coupling for SAR control
19 9,524,733 Objective speech quality metric
20 9,524,635 Smart-home household policy implementations for facilitating occupant progress toward a goal
21 9,524,487 System and methods for detecting temporal music trends from online services
22 9,524,435 Detecting the location of a mobile device based on semantic indicators
23 9,524,431 Local maps using tiles
24 9,524,421 Differentiating real faces from representations
25 9,524,398 Computing a checksum for content in local storage
26 9,524,381 Piracy prevention in digital rights management systems
27 9,524,352 Sharing data across partner websites
28 9,524,350 Resource locator remarketing
29 9,524,347 Automatically implementing an application in response to a search query
30 9,524,336 Search query auto-completions based on social graph
31 9,524,293 Techniques for automatically swapping languages and/or content for machine translation
32 9,524,214 Virtual machine
33 9,524,199 Activating device functions based on configurations of device modules
34 9,524,198 Messaging between web applications
35 9,524,159 Updating an operating system
36 9,524,093 Systems and methods for handling scrolling actions for scrolling through content displayed on an electronic device
37 9,524,084 Presenting images of multiple media entities
38 9,524,083 Customizing mobile media end cap user interfaces based on mobile device orientation
39 9,524,079 Information interchange via selective assembly using single gesture
40 9,524,077 Allowing users to categorize and visualize content recommendations
41 9,524,073 Triggering action on a web page
42 9,524,050 Disambiguating touch-input based on variation in pressure along a touch-trail
43 9,523,993 Systems, methods and apparatus for monitoring and managing device-level energy consumption in a smart-home environment
44 9,523,984 Methods and systems for determining instructions for pulling over an autonomous vehicle
45 9,523,853 Providing focus assistance to users of a head mounted display
46 9,523,585 Systems and methods for handling application notifications
47 9,523,567 Guided installation for an opening sensor
48 9,523,226 360 degree bi-stable dual pivot hinge
49 9,522,471 Virtual safety cages for robotic devices