Google patents granted on 20 October 2015

68 US patents granted on 20 October 2015 and assigned to Google

1 9,167,724 Alternative data center building designs
2 9,167,644 Multi-string led current control system and method
3 9,167,331 Bendable cord for controlling an electronic device
4 9,167,322 Optoelectronic packet switch/routers
5 9,167,274 Generating synchronized dictionaries for sparse coding
6 9,167,268 Second-order orthogonal spatial intra prediction
7 9,167,245 Method of determining binary codewords for transform coefficients
8 9,167,221 Methods and systems for video retargeting using motion saliency
9 9,167,207 Processing and/or distributing media content associated with at least one parameter related to a memory operation
10 9,167,197 Providing a multi-pane display
11 9,167,109 Digital camera having image processor and printer
12 9,166,964 Secure challenge system for verifying access rights to media content
13 9,166,945 Content provided DNS resolution validation and use
14 9,166,939 Systems and methods for uploading media content in an instant messaging conversation
15 9,166,913 Systems and methods for balancing max-min fairness and throughput objectives in traffic engineering
16 9,166,912 Translating network forwarding plane models into target implementation using sub models and hints
17 9,166,892 Systems and methods for event stream management
18 9,166,886 Systems and methods for determining physical network topology
19 9,166,864 Adaptive streaming for legacy media frameworks
20 9,166,806 Shared communication space invitations
21 9,166,692 Network fabric reconfiguration
22 9,166,665 System, method and apparatus for mobile transmit diversity using symmetric phase difference
23 9,166,437 Battery pack
24 9,166,423 Battery leakage current elimination in UPS units
25 9,166,410 Line balancing for a three-phase alternating current system
26 9,165,535 System and method for determining a zoom factor of content displayed on a display device
27 9,165,531 System for detecting display driver error when failing to receive a synchronization signal and method thereof
28 9,165,397 Texture blending between view-dependent texture and base texture in a geographic information system
29 9,165,339 Blending map data with additional imagery
30 9,165,321 Optimistic receipt flow
31 9,165,311 Navigation-based AD units in street view
32 9,165,305 Generating models based on user behavior
33 9,165,284 System and method for sharing content in an instant messaging application
34 9,165,256 Efficient prediction
35 9,165,255 Automatic sequencing of video playlists based on mood classification of each video and video cluster transitions
36 9,165,207 Screenshot orientation detection
37 9,165,206 Updating point of interest data based on an image
38 9,165,179 Feature reduction based on local densities for bundle adjustment of images
39 9,165,081 Hovercard pivoting for mobile devices
40 9,165,079 Access controls in a search index
41 9,165,040 Producing a ranking for pages using distances in a web-link graph
42 9,165,038 Interpreting adjacent search terms based on a hierarchical relationship
43 9,165,033 Efficient query rewriting
44 9,165,030 Showing prominent users for information retrieval requests
45 9,165,028 Ranking modifications of a previous query
46 9,165,017 Retrieving images
47 9,164,987 Translating a search query into multiple languages
48 9,164,985 Techniques for detecting poor machine translations of key terms
49 9,164,968 Techniques for server-side determination of font subsets
50 9,164,966 Determining sizes of content items
51 9,164,922 Technique for passive cache compaction using a least recently used cache algorithm
52 9,164,888 Using a logical to physical map for direct user space communication with a data storage device
53 9,164,702 Single-sided distributed cache system
54 9,164,669 Dial control for mobile devices
55 9,164,655 Multiple views of a geographic area on a mobile device
56 9,164,651 Management of geographic data layers in a geographic information system
57 9,164,596 Method and apparatus for gesture interaction with a photo-active painted surface
58 9,164,588 Wearable computing device with gesture recognition
59 9,164,584 Methods and devices for consistency of the haptic response across a touch sensitive device
60 9,164,511 Use of detected objects for image processing
61 9,164,284 Wearable device with input and output structures
62 9,164,179 Systems and methods for generating compensated speed values for doppler-enabled device
63 9,163,943 Systems and methods for using magnetic field readings to refine device location estimates
64 9,163,938 Systems and methods for image acquisition
65 9,162,648 Computing device as a vehicle key
66 9,162,146 Method and system for virtual mobile game session discovery and player matching
67 9,162,107 Crowd sourced discovery of music for improving performance
68 9,161,712 Systems and methods for encapsulating electronics in a mountable device