Google patents granted on 21 April 2015

74 US patents granted on 21 April 2015 and assigned to Google

1 D727,352 Display screen with transitional graphical user interface
2 D727,351 Display screen with transitional graphical user interface
3 D727,350 Display screen with transitional graphical user interface
4 D727,349 Display screen with transitional graphical user interface
5 D727,348 Display screen with transitional graphical user interface
6 D727,347 Display screen with transitional graphical user interface
7 D727,346 Display screen with transitional graphical user interface
8 D727,345 Display screen with transitional graphical user interface
9 D727,317 Wearable display device
10 9,015,851 Electronic book content protection
11 9,015,838 Defensive techniques to increase computer security
12 9,015,837 Systems and methods for verifying an update to data of an electronic device
13 9,015,832 Application auditing through object level code inspection
14 9,015,827 Transitioning between access states of a computing device
15 9,015,824 Allowing a client computing device to securely interact with a private network
16 9,015,802 Personally identifiable information detection
17 9,015,801 Methods and systems for handling recovery messages
18 9,015,798 User authentication using pointing device
19 9,015,718 Identifying task instances that interfere with processor performance
20 9,015,693 System and method for modifying and updating a speech recognition program
21 9,015,682 Computer code transformations to create synthetic global scopes
22 9,015,680 Differential analysis of translation of software for the detection of flaws
23 9,015,618 Methods and apparatus for processing application windows
24 9,015,616 Search initiation
25 9,015,603 Secondary selection highlighting of e-mail item listing
26 9,015,505 Delayed shut down of computer
27 9,015,456 Indicator for developer mode
28 9,015,378 Determining sensor information in the background on a mobile device
29 9,015,340 Splitting a network traffic flow
30 9,015,313 Providing actionable content to a computing device based on user actions
31 9,015,266 Fabric network
32 9,015,264 Primary and secondary recipient indicators for conversations
33 9,015,257 Labeling messages with conversation labels and message labels
34 9,015,245 Experience sharing with commenting
35 9,015,243 Automated metadata updates
36 9,015,236 Personalized services using a client-side user model
37 9,015,229 Determining placement of user data to optimize resource utilization for distributed systems
38 9,015,195 Processing multi-geo intent keywords
39 9,015,192 Systems and methods for improved processing of personalized message queries
40 9,015,163 Using cross-matching between users and matching against reference data to facilitate content identification
41 9,015,159 Method for searching media
42 9,015,152 Managing search results
43 9,015,149 Sharing user distributed search results
44 9,015,143 Refining search results
45 9,015,142 Identifying listings of multi-site entities based on user behavior signals
46 9,015,117 System and method for synchronization of actions in the background of an application
47 9,015,083 Distribution of parameter calculation for iterative optimization methods
48 9,015,043 Choosing recognized text from a background environment
49 9,014,981 Determining book characteristics based on text sections
50 9,014,957 Methods and systems for determining fleet trajectories to satisfy a sequence of coverage requirements
51 9,014,905 Cyclist hand signal detection by an autonomous vehicle
52 9,014,903 Determination of object heading based on point cloud
53 9,014,726 Systems and methods for recommending photogenic locations to visit
54 9,014,720 Methods and devices for prioritizing message threads
55 9,014,705 In-vehicle pico-cell system and method therefor
56 9,014,543 Methods and systems configured for processing video frames into animation
57 9,014,511 Automatic discovery of popular landmarks
58 9,014,417 Method and apparatus for themes using photo-active surface paint
59 9,014,357 Content delivery during call idle time
60 9,014,266 Decimated sliding windows for multi-reference prediction in video coding
61 9,014,265 Video coding using edge detection and block partitioning for intra prediction
62 9,014,264 Dynamic media transmission rate control using congestion window size
63 9,014,245 Method and apparatus for compensating for phase shift in a communication device
64 9,014,191 Separating routing domains for virtualized networks when implementing a tunneling protocol
65 9,013,793 Lightweight eyepiece for head mounted display
66 9,013,790 High contrast rear projection screen for use with a diverging illumination source
67 9,013,717 Handheld imaging device with multi-core image processor integrating common bus interface and dedicated image sensor interface
68 9,013,631 Method and apparatus for processing and displaying multiple captions superimposed on video images
69 9,013,543 Depth map generation using multiple scanners to minimize parallax from panoramic stitched images
70 9,013,539 Video conferencing system and method
71 9,013,510 Systems and methods for rendering user interface elements in accordance with a device type
72 9,010,691 Parachute deployment system
73 9,010,636 Targeted video advertising
74 9,009,958 Systems and methods for encapsulating electronics in a mountable device