Google patents granted on 21 June 2016

52 US patents granted on 21 June 2016 and assigned to Google

1 D759,677 Portion of a display panel with an animated computer icon
2 D759,666 Display screen or portion thereof with an animated graphical user interface
3 D759,665 Display panel or portion thereof with animated computer icon
4 D759,664 Display panel portion with animated computer icon
5 D759,643 Portion of a handheld device
6 9,374,837 Preventing misuse of random access procedure in wireless communication system
7 9,374,664 Venue-specific wi-fi connectivity notifications
8 9,374,596 System and method for video encoding using constructed reference frame
9 9,374,578 Video coding using combined inter and intra predictors
10 9,374,561 Step-stare oblique aerial camera system
11 9,374,543 Abstract camera pipeline for uniform cross-device control of image capture and processing
12 9,374,532 Cascaded camera motion estimation, rolling shutter detection, and camera shake detection for video stabilization
13 9,374,521 Systems and methods for capturing images from a lock screen
14 9,374,399 Social group suggestions within a social network
15 9,374,396 Recommended content for an endorsement user interface
16 9,374,358 Methods, systems, and media for providing access control for a computing device
17 9,374,348 System and method to enable unlicensed mobile access across terminals
18 9,374,328 Selective messaging using online presence information
19 9,374,311 System and method for reducing hardware table resources in a multi-stage network device
20 9,373,977 Battery backup system for uninterrupted power supply
21 9,373,329 Speech recognition with parallel recognition tasks
22 9,373,320 Systems and methods facilitating selective removal of content from a mixed audio recording
23 9,373,248 Remote control with user profile capability
24 9,373,194 Computing devices and methods for navigating around a surface of three-dimensional (3D) coordinate system representations of 3D objects
25 9,373,192 Shape preserving mesh simplification
26 9,373,191 Generating an exterior geometry of a building based on a corresponding collection of interior geometry
27 9,373,190 High-quality stereo reconstruction featuring depth map alignment and outlier identification
28 9,373,155 Search results with structured image sizes
29 9,373,148 Connect social networking users who simultaneously check-in at a geolocation
30 9,373,057 Training a neural network to detect objects in images
31 9,373,045 Bus detection for an autonomous vehicle
32 9,373,040 Image matching using motion manifolds
33 9,373,004 Methods and systems for deleting requested information
34 9,372,997 Displaying private information on personal devices
35 9,372,939 Internet based system and apparatus for paying users to view content and receiving micropayments
36 9,372,927 Original authorship identification of electronic publications
37 9,372,920 Identifying textual terms in response to a visual query
38 9,372,914 Determining computing device characteristics from computer network activity
39 9,372,898 Enabling event prediction as an on-device service for mobile interaction
40 9,372,896 Reverse engineering circumvention of spam detection algorithms
41 9,372,871 Combining unstructured image and 3D search results for interactive search and exploration
42 9,372,858 Systems and methods to present automated suggestions in a document
43 9,372,711 System and method for initiating a multi-environment operating system
44 9,372,704 Virtual environment having harvard architecture
45 9,372,686 Maintaining package repositories
46 9,372,681 Redirection of a document URL to a natively-operating application
47 9,372,577 Method and device to reduce swipe latency
48 9,372,513 Coupling element for hinged electronic device
49 9,372,137 Tension member fatigue tester using transverse resonance
50 9,372,095 Mobile robots moving on a visual display
51 9,371,124 Filling apparatus for high-altitude balloons
52 9,371,123 System for constructing balloon envelopes