Google patents granted on 23 February 2016

78 US patents granted on 23 February 2016 and assigned to Google

1 D750,107 Portion of a display panel with a channel icon
2 D750,075 Glasses frame
3 D750,074 Virtual reality headset
4 9,271,270 Downlink control channel signaling in wireless communication systems
5 9,271,205 Measurement management in small-cell systems
6 9,271,187 Load distribution in a network of small-cell base stations
7 9,271,171 Transmitter and receiver tracking techniques for user devices in a MIMO network
8 9,271,160 Matching devices based on information communicated over an audio channel
9 9,271,121 Associating requests for content with a confirmed location
10 9,271,034 Adding content during data stream acquisition
11 9,271,031 Distributed recording of content
12 9,270,988 Method of determining binary codewords for transform coefficients
13 9,270,971 Systems and methods for 2D-to-3D conversion
14 9,270,964 Extracting audio components of a portion of video to facilitate editing audio of the video
15 9,270,938 Display-based synchronous communication
16 9,270,891 Estimation of panoramic camera orientation relative to a vehicle coordinate frame
17 9,270,885 Method, system, and computer program product for gamifying the process of obtaining panoramic images
18 9,270,818 Providing geographic location information on a telephone device
19 9,270,806 Graphical user interface which displays profile information associated with a selected contact
20 9,270,761 Device control profile for a fabric network
21 9,270,760 Cross-platform child mode for applications
22 9,270,712 Managing moderation of user-contributed edits
23 9,270,630 Integrating communication modes in persistent conversations
24 9,270,592 Hash collision avoidance in network routing
25 9,270,515 Identifying portions of a media stream
26 9,270,489 Explicit congestion notification in mixed fabric networks
27 9,270,456 System and methodology for decrypting encrypted media
28 9,270,455 CPU assisted seeding of a random number generator in an externally provable fashion
29 9,270,364 Bump button
30 9,270,282 Methods and systems for switching between clocks
31 9,269,350 Voice controlled audio recording or transmission apparatus with keyword filtering
32 9,269,328 Efficient frame rendering
33 9,269,265 System and method for providing content to vehicles in exchange for vehicle information
34 9,269,196 Photo-image-based 3D modeling system on a mobile device
35 9,269,190 System and method for displaying transitions between map views
36 9,269,150 Using pose data and positioning information to locate online photos of a user
37 9,269,057 Using specialized workers to improve performance in machine learning
38 9,269,048 Distribution shared content based on a probability
39 9,269,013 Using extracted image text
40 9,268,880 Using recent media consumption to select query suggestions
41 9,268,872 Displaying web pages without downloading static files
42 9,268,852 Search engines and systems with handheld document data capture devices
43 9,268,845 Audio matching using time alignment, frequency alignment, and interest point overlap to filter false positives
44 9,268,844 Adding document filters to an existing cluster hierarchy
45 9,268,839 Methods and systems for editing a network of interconnected concepts
46 9,268,824 Search entity transition matrix and applications of the transition matrix
47 9,268,820 Providing knowledge panels with search results
48 9,268,818 Determining intent of a recommendation on a URL of a web page or advertisement
49 9,268,806 Efficient reference counting in content addressable storage
50 9,268,802 System and method for end-to-end exposure of exported representations of native data types to third-party applications
51 9,268,795 Selection of an image or images most representative of a set of images
52 9,268,793 Adjustment of facial image search results
53 9,268,789 System and methods for managing data location
54 9,268,782 Re-use of binaries for multiple user accounts
55 9,268,762 Techniques for generating outgoing messages based on language, internationalization, and localization preferences of the recipient
56 9,268,670 System for module selection in software application testing including generating a test executable based on an availability of root access
57 9,268,668 System for testing markup language applications
58 9,268,597 Incremental parallel processing of data
59 9,268,560 Displaying dependent files for computer code in a tabbed-application user interface
60 9,268,542 Cache contention management on a multicore processor based on the degree of contention exceeding a threshold
61 9,268,469 Image display environment
62 9,268,462 External action suggestions in search results
63 9,268,459 Auto-completion for user interface design
64 9,268,457 Touch-based fluid window management
65 9,268,442 Apparatus and method for receiving input
66 9,268,376 Mobile computing device dock station with headset jack heat pipe interface
67 9,268,366 Apparatus related to a structure of a base portion of a computing device
68 9,268,344 Installation of thermostat powered by rechargeable battery
69 9,268,332 Zone driving
70 9,268,329 Control interface
71 9,268,137 Means for dynamically regulating the time-out characteristics of a display of an electronic device
72 9,268,136 Use of comparative sensor data to determine orientation of head relative to body
73 9,268,024 Expectation maximization to determine position of ambient glints
74 9,267,810 Systems and methods for displaying navigational information
75 9,267,803 Method and apparatus of route guidance
76 9,266,599 Apparatus to lift and fill a balloon
77 9,266,598 Reactionary mass balloon envelope for a balloon and other balloon components
78 9,265,415 Input detection