Google patents granted on 23 July 2013

31 US patents granted on 23 July 2013 and assigned to Google

1 D686,613 Notebook computer housing
2 8,495,721 Data network security policies
3 8,495,682 Exposure based customization of surveys
4 8,495,483 Using text surrounding hypertext links when indexing and generating page summaries
5 8,495,238 Facilitating self-tuning traffic shaping without a central traffic manager
6 8,495,237 Techniques for providing a media stream to a mobile computing device based on a predicted route of the mobile computing device
7 8,495,218 Managing system resources
8 8,495,089 System and method for optimizing media play transactions
9 8,495,071 User productivity by showing most viewed messages
10 8,495,061 Automatic metadata identification
11 8,495,058 Filtering social search results
12 8,495,046 Encoding locations and using distances for resources
13 8,494,992 Ranking and vote scheduling using statistical confidence intervals
14 8,494,919 Distributed electronic commerce system with centralized point of purchase
15 8,494,900 Adjusting ad costs using document performance or document collection performance
16 8,494,853 Methods and systems for providing speech recognition systems based on speech recordings logs
17 8,494,852 Word-level correction of speech input
18 8,494,850 Speech recognition using variable-length context
19 8,494,848 Methods and apparatus for generating, updating and distributing speech recognition models
20 8,494,586 Wireless communicator jacket with multiple operational stages
21 8,494,318 Method and device for hitless tunable optical filtering
22 8,494,317 Method and device for hitless tunable optical filtering
23 8,493,937 Efficient handover of media communications in heterogeneous IP networks using LAN profiles and network handover rules
24 8,493,931 Efficient handover of media communications in heterogeneous IP networks using handover procedure rules and media handover relays
25 8,493,436 Panoramic camera with multiple image sensors using timed shutters
26 8,493,411 Methods and apparatus for extensions to directed graphs with minimal and maximal constraints are encoded by arcs in opposite directions
27 8,493,399 Multiprocess GPU rendering model
28 8,493,381 Methods and systems for geometry compression
29 8,493,282 Handheld device with secondary screen for soft key descriptors
30 8,493,204 Displaying sound indications on a wearable computing system
31 8,493,198 Vehicle and mobile device traffic hazard warning techniques