Google patents granted on 24 July 2012

33 US patents granted on 24 July 2012 and assigned to Google

1 D664,185 Wearable display device
2 D664,184 Wearable display device section
3 8,230,361 Content feed user interface
4 8,230,324 Ad size capture tool for publications
5 8,230,318 Selective image editing in a browser
6 8,230,246 Activating a computer device based on the detecting result from a single touch sensor if the battery level is high
7 8,230,104 Discontinuous download of media files
8 8,230,102 Combining and serving media content
9 8,230,016 Determining intent of a recommendation on a mobile application
10 8,230,009 Transmission of input values using an unreliable communication link
11 8,229,959 Sharable search result labels
12 8,229,957 Categorizing objects, such as documents and/or clusters, with respect to a taxonomy and data structures derived from such categorization
13 8,229,942 Identifying negative keywords associated with advertisements
14 8,229,925 Determining search query statistical data for an advertising campaign based on user-selected criteria
15 8,229,915 Content item arrangement
16 8,229,873 News topic-interest-based recommendations twiddling
17 8,229,864 Predictive model application programming interface
18 8,229,862 Methods and systems for rating associated members in a network
19 8,229,732 Automatic correction of user input based on dictionary
20 8,229,715 System and methods facilitating collaboration in the design, analysis, and implementation of a structure
21 8,229,666 Generating and using pattern keys in navigation systems to predict user destinations
22 8,229,471 Techniques for automatically activating or deactivating a phone associated with a virtual phone number
23 8,229,464 System and method for identifying correlations between geographic locations
24 8,229,442 Derivation of minimum coverage of cellular sectors with cellular-site spatial density and application specific data
25 8,229,219 Full-length video fingerprinting
26 8,229,174 Technique for estimating motion and occlusion
27 8,229,156 Using curve invariants to automatically characterize videos
28 8,229,079 Propagating user status information across computing resources
29 8,228,837 Maintaining network connectivity
30 8,228,346 Systems and methods for displaying fixed-scale content on mobile devices
31 8,228,315 Methods and systems for a virtual input device
32 8,228,292 Flipping for motion-based input
33 8,228,215 Identifying misrepresented characters in strings of text