Google patents granted on 24 March 2015

70 US patents granted on 24 March 2015 and assigned to Google

1 D725,143 Portion of a display panel with an animated computer icon
2 D725,106 Wearable display device
3 D725,105 Wearable display device
4 D725,104 Wearable display device
5 D725,103 Wearable display device
6 8,990,951 Claiming delayed live reference streams
7 8,990,935 Activity signatures and activity replay detection
8 8,990,857 Interface for watching a stream of videos
9 8,990,851 System and method for using emergency alert system messages
10 8,990,795 Automatic application updates
11 8,990,793 Updating an operating system
12 8,990,710 Building native computer applications using a browser platform
13 8,990,701 Gathering and organizing content distributed via social media
14 8,990,700 Rating and review interface
15 8,990,692 Time-marked hyperlinking to video content
16 8,990,682 Methods and devices for rendering interactions between virtual and physical objects on a substantially transparent display
17 8,990,580 Automatic user swap
18 8,990,492 Increasing capacity in router forwarding tables
19 8,990,418 Providing data feeds for video programs
20 8,990,389 Using a router based web meter in a mixed mode configuration
21 8,990,352 Stream of content for a channel
22 8,990,344 Custom event and attraction suggestions
23 8,990,343 Transferring a state of an application from a first computing device to a second computing device
24 8,990,338 Method of exchanging photos with interface content provider website
25 8,990,329 Access control list for a multi-user communication session
26 8,990,321 Dynamic formatting of messages for multiple endpoints
27 8,990,310 Collaborative workflow through messaging conversations
28 8,990,235 Automatically providing content associated with captured information, such as information captured in real-time
29 8,990,224 Detecting document text that is hard to read
30 8,990,221 Device and method for updating a certificate
31 8,990,211 Managing information about entities using observations
32 8,990,210 Propagating information among web pages
33 8,990,203 Methods and systems for prefetching music for devices
34 8,990,201 Image search results provisoning
35 8,990,194 Adjusting content delivery based on user submissions of photographs
36 8,990,193 Method, system, and graphical user interface for improved search result displays via user-specified annotations
37 8,990,187 Efficient top-down hierarchical join on a hierarchically clustered data stream
38 8,990,172 Key management in smart pixel based tracking
39 8,990,134 Learning to geolocate videos
40 8,990,129 Requesting a re-prompt based on learned behavior
41 8,990,108 Content presentation based on winning bid and attendance detected at a physical location information in real time
42 8,990,069 Techniques for pruning phrase tables for statistical machine translation
43 8,989,944 Methods and devices for determining movements of an object in an environment
44 8,989,834 Wearable device
45 8,989,780 Location-based reminder process
46 8,989,772 Methods and apparatus for estimating time of arrival information associated with a wireless signal
47 8,989,521 Determination of dance steps based on media content
48 8,989,506 Incremental image processing pipeline for matching multiple photos based on image overlap
49 8,989,451 Computer-implemented method for performing similarity searches
50 8,989,450 Scoring items
51 8,989,434 Interactive geo-referenced source imagery viewing system and method
52 8,989,432 System and method of adding a watermark to a JPEG image file
53 8,989,417 Method and system for implementing stereo audio using bone conduction transducers
54 8,989,410 Compact bone conduction audio transducer
55 8,989,256 Method and apparatus for using segmentation-based coding of prediction information
56 8,989,194 Systems and methods for improving network redundancy and for facile initialization in a centrally-controlled network
57 8,989,101 Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for identifying virtual access points of wireless networks
58 8,988,879 Modular data center cooling
59 8,988,716 Customized printer identifier with embedded access rights
60 8,988,713 Secure printing in a cloud-based print system
61 8,988,434 Text rendering for browsers and mobile based applications
62 8,988,387 Touch sensor panel with in-plane backup bypass connections
63 8,988,369 Restricted carousel with built-in gesture customization
64 8,988,356 Touch sensor and touchscreen user input combination
65 8,988,349 Methods and apparatuses for operating a display in an electronic device
66 8,988,253 Recovery of balloon materials
67 8,988,246 System and method for proximal device configuration using a directed beam
68 8,988,232 Smart-home hazard detector providing useful follow up communications to detection events
69 8,985,763 Contact lens having an uneven embedded substrate and method of manufacture
70 8,985,652 System for pedestrian leg protection in vehicle impact