Google patents granted on 24 May 2016

66 US patents granted on 24 May 2016 and assigned to Google

1 D757,085 Display screen with graphical user interface with animated logo
2 D757,047 Display screen with animated graphical user interface
3 D757,027 Display screen with graphical user interface
4 D757,024 Keyboard assembly
5 D757,023 Keyboard assembly
6 D757,015 Electronic module
7 D757,007 Wearable hinged display device
8 D757,006 Wearable hinged display device
9 D757,005 Wearable hinged display device
10 D757,003 Virtual reality headset
11 D757,002 Portion of a handheld device
12 D756,952 Portable electronic device
13 9,351,232 Mesh network commissioning
14 9,351,183 Apparatus and method for measuring and using congestion in a wireless communication system
15 9,351,117 Use of a trained classifier to predict distance based on a pair of wireless scans
16 9,351,113 Methods and systems for adjusting location querying frequency of a computing device
17 9,351,091 Apparatus with adaptive microphone configuration based on surface proximity, surface type and motion
18 9,351,069 Methods and apparatuses for audio mixing
19 9,350,996 Method and apparatus for last coefficient indexing for high efficiency video coding
20 9,350,992 Explicit way for signaling a collocated picture for high efficiency video coding
21 9,350,988 Prediction mode-based block ordering in video coding
22 9,350,844 Mechanism of providing information to caller by temporarily pausing the call initiation request
23 9,350,840 Mobile electronic device with enhanced tolerance accumulator
24 9,350,810 Constructing an integrated road network
25 9,350,692 Integration of email and persistent conversations
26 9,350,599 User content access management and control
27 9,350,556 Security model for identification and authentication in encrypted communications using delegate certificate chain bound to third party key
28 9,350,477 Self-interference handling in a wireless communication terminal supporting carrier aggregation
29 9,349,368 Generating an audio notification based on detection of a triggering event
30 9,349,279 Systems and methods for compensating for sensor drift in a hazard detection system
31 9,349,273 Cover plate for a hazard detector having improved air flow and other characteristics
32 9,349,195 Apparatus and method for spatially referencing images
33 9,349,160 Method, apparatus and system for enhancing a display of video data
34 9,349,147 Displaying content items related to a social network group on a map
35 9,349,134 Detecting illegitimate network traffic
36 9,349,104 Learning geofence models directly
37 9,349,055 Real-time image-based vehicle detection based on a multi-stage classification
38 9,349,019 System and method for associating tags with online content
39 9,348,981 System and method for generating user authentication challenges
40 9,348,945 Modifying search results based on dismissal action associated with one or more of the search results
41 9,348,925 Locally significant search queries
42 9,348,922 Ranking channels in search
43 9,348,921 Determining access to comments
44 9,348,897 Method and system for providing scheduling suggestions
45 9,348,850 Method for large-scale data schema analysis and quality assurance
46 9,348,846 User-navigable resource representations
47 9,348,805 Learning parsing rules and argument identification from crowdsourcing of proposed command inputs
48 9,348,803 Systems and methods for providing just-in-time preview of suggestion resolutions
49 9,348,676 System and method of processing buffers in an OpenCL environment
50 9,348,671 Monitoring application loading
51 9,348,669 User interface framework
52 9,348,663 Schema validation for secure development of browser extensions
53 9,348,633 Multi-environment operating system
54 9,348,625 Application access to native and bundled libraries
55 9,348,566 Continuous profiling for automatic feedback directed optimization
56 9,348,535 Compression format designed for a very fast decompressor
57 9,348,496 Selecting content based on performance of a content slot
58 9,348,480 Providing user-defined parameters to an activity assistant
59 9,348,434 Low power management of multiple sensor integrated chip architecture
60 9,348,399 Heuristics based on backoff for power modes
61 9,348,322 Smart device including biometric sensor
62 9,346,547 Mechanisms for lowering a payload to the ground from a UAV
63 9,346,532 Fill port for a balloon
64 9,346,531 Balloon gas release flight termination system
65 9,346,530 Mechanical assembly for lifting a balloon
66 9,346,165 Robotic devices with multi-degree of freedom (DOF) load cell for shear beam sensing