Google patents granted on 25 August 2015

71 US patents granted on 25 August 2015 and assigned to Google

1 D737,317 Display panel portion with a transitional graphical user interface
2 D737,314 Portion of a display panel with an animated computer icon
3 D737,282 Display panel or portion thereof with a changeable graphical user interface component
4 D737,281 Display panel or portion thereof with a changeable graphical user interface component
5 D737,272 Wearable display device and connection cable combination
6 D737,268 Notebook computer housing
7 9,119,138 Flexible communication systems and methods
8 9,119,029 Finding friends near a friend
9 9,119,009 Transmitting audio control data to a hearing aid
10 9,118,940 Video bandwidth allocation in a video conference
11 9,118,905 Multiplane panoramas of long scenes
12 9,118,843 Methods and systems for creating swivel views from a handheld device
13 9,118,841 Determining an image capture payload burst structure based on a metering image capture sweep
14 9,118,774 Dispatch system to remote devices
15 9,118,758 User feedback on calls
16 9,118,723 Post and content framework for social activity streams
17 9,118,666 Computing device integrity verification
18 9,118,632 Anonymizing emails between sender and recipient
19 9,118,631 Mixing secure and insecure data and operations at server database
20 9,118,626 Systems and methods for the automatic registration of devices
21 9,118,499 Monitoring system for proactive service of devices
22 9,118,465 Method for supporting flexible frame structures in wireless communication systems
23 9,118,394 Antenna transfer switching for simultaneous voice and data
24 9,118,296 Clipping protection in fixed-width audio mixing
25 9,117,452 Exceptions to action invocation from parsing rules
26 9,117,451 Methods and systems for sharing of adapted voice profiles
27 9,117,383 Vibrating display panels for disguising seams in multi-panel displays
28 9,117,374 Automatically generating quiz questions based on displayed media content
29 9,117,267 Systems and methods for marking images for three-dimensional image generation
30 9,117,197 Alert system for social network users
31 9,117,195 Synchronized consumption modes for e-books
32 9,117,181 Methods and systems for providing current email addresses and contact information for members within a social network
33 9,117,146 Systems and methods for matching visual object components
34 9,117,134 Image merging with blending
35 9,117,112 Background detection as an optimization for gesture recognition
36 9,117,109 Facial recognition
37 9,117,088 Methods and systems for controlling levels of geolocation access
38 9,117,072 Software exploit detection
39 9,116,996 Reverse question answering
40 9,116,993 System and method for query re-issue in search engines
41 9,116,992 Providing time series information with search results
42 9,116,991 Searching encrypted electronic books
43 9,116,986 Interactive calendar with an integrated journal
44 9,116,982 Identifying interesting commonalities between entities
45 9,116,976 Ranking documents based on large data sets
46 9,116,963 Systems and methods for promoting personalized search results based on personal information
47 9,116,957 Substitute term scoring
48 9,116,952 Query refinements using search data
49 9,116,945 Prediction of human ratings or rankings of information retrieval quality
50 9,116,940 Searching for join candidates
51 9,116,928 Identifying features for media file comparison
52 9,116,926 Sharing photos
53 9,116,921 Grouping of image search results
54 9,116,918 Methods, systems, and media for interpreting queries
55 9,116,917 Augmenting a geographic information system
56 9,116,890 Triggering actions in response to optically or acoustically capturing keywords from a rendered document
57 9,116,886 Document translation including pre-defined term translator and translation model
58 9,116,885 Techniques for a gender weighted pinyin input method editor
59 9,116,780 Method for modeling source code having code segments that lack source location
60 9,116,730 Gadget container verification
61 9,116,718 Derive size contribution of features
62 9,116,704 Delaying the initiation of transitioning to a lower power mode by placing a computer system into an intermediate power mode between a normal power mode and the lower power mode
63 9,116,698 Intelligent selection of operating state upon change of power state
64 9,116,614 Determining pointer and scroll gestures on a touch-sensitive input device
65 9,116,583 Dampening thumb movement on a touch-sensitive input device
66 9,116,567 Systems and methods for managing the display of content on an electronic device
67 9,116,548 Input method editor user profiles
68 9,116,529 Thermostat with self-configuring connections to facilitate do-it-yourself installation
69 9,116,337 Increasing effective eyebox size of an HMD
70 9,114,866 Tubular superpressure balloon
71 9,113,829 Systems and methods for encapsulating electronics in a mountable device