Google patents granted on 25 October 2016

80 US patents granted on 25 October 2016 and assigned to Google

1 D769,926 Portion of a smart camera display panel with an animated computer icon
2 D769,913 Portion of a display panel with a computer icon
3 D769,889 Display screen or portion thereof with an animated graphical user interface
4 D769,873 Interchangeable/wearable hinged display device assembly
5 D769,866 Handheld device
6 9,479,987 Wireless communication device with internal local access point
7 9,479,983 Methods and device for determining when to switch between multiple communication modes of a transceiver subsystem
8 9,479,946 System and method for controlling mobile device operation
9 9,479,922 Provisioning a plurality of computing devices
10 9,479,822 Method and system for categorizing detected motion events
11 9,479,811 Video recommendation based on video co-occurrence statistics
12 9,479,780 Simplification of significance map coding
13 9,479,700 Generating and/or modifying motion compensation parameters for video stabilization
14 9,479,694 Systems and methods for autonomously generating photo summaries
15 9,479,618 Mechanism for handling user input loss that occurs during transmission from a client device to a remote server using ring buffer messages in conjunction with UDP
16 9,479,615 Systems and methods for providing interstitial content
17 9,479,571 Systems, methods, and computer program products for interfacing multiple service provider trusted service managers and secure elements
18 9,479,550 System for providing continuity of broadcast between clients and method therefor
19 9,479,516 Automatic detection of fraudulent ratings/comments related to an application store
20 9,479,508 Efficient indexing and searching of access control listed documents
21 9,479,468 Presenting instant messages
22 9,479,451 Allocating resources
23 9,479,437 Efficient updates of weighted cost multipath (WCMP) groups
24 9,479,219 Validating a connection to an optical circuit switch
25 9,479,077 Three-phase power supply system
26 9,479,044 Intermittent power line communication for inverters
27 9,478,886 Jack with cylindrical housing
28 9,478,882 Hazard detector electrical connector for easy user manipulation and atmospheric isolation
29 9,478,869 Electronic devices with hybrid patch and monopole antenna for high altitude platform application
30 9,478,847 Antenna system and method of assembly for a wearable electronic device
31 9,478,255 Dynamic split-frame preview of video editing effects
32 9,478,205 Methods and devices for determining media files based on activity levels
33 9,478,056 Image cache for replacing portions of images
34 9,478,054 Image overlay compositing
35 9,478,042 Determining visibility of rendered content
36 9,478,010 Generating an enhanced image of a predetermined scene from a plurality of images of the predetermined
37 9,477,862 Verifying panelist identity
38 9,477,821 Generic feature-licensing framework
39 9,477,818 Leveraging a unification of content hosting and social networking
40 9,477,767 Demotion of already observed search query completions
41 9,477,759 Question answering using entity references in unstructured data
42 9,477,758 Automatic identification of related entities
43 9,477,757 Latent user models for personalized ranking
44 9,477,720 Social search endorsements
45 9,477,715 Personalizing aggregated news content
46 9,477,714 Methods and apparatus for ranking documents
47 9,477,711 Knowledge panel
48 9,477,709 Query response using media consumption history
49 9,477,685 Finding untagged images of a social network member
50 9,477,679 Programmatically choosing preferred storage parameters for files in large-scale distributed storage systems
51 9,477,663 Undoing an action in a media player
52 9,477,659 Techniques for performing language detection and translation for multi-language content feeds
53 9,477,656 Cross-lingual indexing and information retrieval
54 9,477,644 Identifying referral pages based on recorded URL requests
55 9,477,635 Generating an identifier for a device using application information
56 9,477,534 Inter-extension messaging
57 9,477,516 Concurrent in-memory data publication and storage system
58 9,477,502 Parallel processing of data for an untrusted application
59 9,477,452 General purpose software parallel task engine
60 9,477,387 Indicating an object at a remote location
61 9,477,376 Prioritizing content based on user frequency
62 9,477,375 Techniques for insertion of content into chat communication
63 9,477,374 System and method for facilitating integrated social group instant messaging
64 9,477,368 System and method of indicating the distance or the surface of an image of a geographical object
65 9,477,364 Device having multi-layered touch sensitive surface
66 9,477,346 Display for mobile device with abrasion resistant siloxane coating
67 9,477,342 Multi-touch force sensing touch-screen devices and methods
68 9,477,328 Fully clickable trackpad
69 9,477,314 Method and apparatus for selecting between multiple gesture recognition systems
70 9,477,302 System and method for programing devices within world space volumes
71 9,477,262 Moveable display portion of a computing device including a clutch mechanism
72 9,477,261 Portable computer with cylinders providing friction in hinge
73 9,476,986 Decomposition of error components between angular, forward, and sideways errors in estimated positions of a computing device
74 9,476,970 Camera based localization
75 9,476,657 Controlling data center cooling systems
76 9,476,606 Dynamic device-associated feedback indicative of responsible device usage
77 9,475,947 Siloxane coating for a display lens assembly for mobile devices
78 9,475,589 Systems and apparatus for winch drum mechanism
79 9,475,567 Double-layered balloon envelope
80 9,475,191 Robotic leg parallel to a ball screw