Google patents granted on 26 April 2016

76 US patents granted on 26 April 2016 and assigned to Google

1 9,326,320 Systems and methods for antenna switches in an electronic device
2 9,326,307 Efficient communication for devices of a home network
3 9,326,208 Method and apparatus for determining when to handover communications from a first to a second access network
4 9,326,205 Handover method based on seamless mobility conditions
5 9,326,186 Hierarchical fairness across arbitrary network flow aggregates
6 9,326,135 Method and apparatus for secure communication in a digital two way radio protocol
7 9,326,132 Method for retrieving content by a wireless communication device having first and second radio access interfaces, wireless communication device and communication system
8 9,326,093 Virtual bluetooth controller interfaces
9 9,326,089 Passenger casted content to infotainment system
10 9,326,038 Method and device with intelligent media management
11 9,326,030 Systems and methods for triggering user notifications of media content items
12 9,326,014 Method and system for correlating TV broadcasting information with TV panelist status information
13 9,326,012 Dynamically changing stream quality when user is unlikely to notice to conserve resources
14 9,326,008 Noise reduction for image sequences
15 9,325,938 Video chat picture-in-picture
16 9,325,861 Method, system, and computer program product for providing a target user interface for capturing panoramic images
17 9,325,842 Systems and methods for associating a string with a content item
18 9,325,798 Incentivizing user generated content creation
19 9,325,797 System and method for requesting an updated user location
20 9,325,794 Method and system for providing IMS session continuity to a user equipment across a plurality of communication networks
21 9,325,783 Systems and methods for inferential sharing of photos
22 9,325,775 Clipboard
23 9,325,717 Web-store restriction of external libraries
24 9,325,714 System and methods for access control based on a user identity
25 9,325,696 System and method for authenticating to a participating website using locally stored credentials
26 9,325,689 Transcoding content based on verification of ownership of the content
27 9,325,665 Communication network and method of operation therefor
28 9,325,653 Notifying content owners of related posts
29 9,325,591 Automatic analysis and quality detection of media
30 9,325,564 GRE tunnels to resiliently move complex control logic off of hardware devices
31 9,325,480 Methods and device for performing device-to-device communication
32 9,325,423 Systems and methods for complementary signal transmission
33 9,325,224 Electrically-isolated and liquid-cooled rotor and stator assemblies
34 9,324,377 Systems and methods for facilitating rendering visualizations related to audio data
35 9,324,323 Speech recognition using topic-specific language models
36 9,324,313 Methods and systems for implementing bone conduction-based noise cancellation for air-conducted sound
37 9,324,095 Determining conversion rates for on-line purchases
38 9,324,094 Ad skip feature for characterizing advertisement effectiveness
39 9,324,006 System and method for displaying contextual supplemental content based on image content
40 9,323,966 Device for backscatter communication
41 9,323,945 Systems, methods, and computer program products for managing secure elements
42 9,323,936 Using a file whitelist
43 9,323,916 Secure authorization for accessing content on a shareable device
44 9,323,866 Query completions in the context of a presented document
45 9,323,853 Customized web summaries and alerts based on custom search engines
46 9,323,850 Potential social recipient ranking for maximal viral content distribution
47 9,323,847 Presenting search results
48 9,323,846 Method, system, and graphical user interface for alerting a computer user to new results for a prior search
49 9,323,827 Identifying key terms related to similar passages
50 9,323,808 Predictive query suggestion caching
51 9,323,806 Clustering query refinements by inferred user intent
52 9,323,792 Web mining to build a landmark database and applications thereof
53 9,323,784 Image search using text-based elements within the contents of images
54 9,323,770 Fingerprint merging after claim generation
55 9,323,738 Classification of ambiguous geographic references
56 9,323,733 Indexed electronic book annotations
57 9,323,731 Data extraction using templates
58 9,323,722 Low-latency interactive user interface
59 9,323,721 Quotation identification
60 9,323,615 Efficient data reads from distributed storage systems
61 9,323,601 Adaptive, scalable packet loss recovery
62 9,323,598 Bug clearing house
63 9,323,511 Splitting application permissions on devices
64 9,323,452 System and method for processing touch input
65 9,323,426 System and method for selecting information for display based on past user interactions
66 9,323,420 Floor selection on an interactive digital map
67 9,323,365 Masking an outer perimeter of a touch screen
68 9,323,362 Apparatus and method for receiving input
69 9,323,358 Correcting location errors in tactile input device
70 9,323,308 Power-consuming facilities as a source of reserve power
71 9,323,303 Determining a geographical location
72 9,322,565 Systems, methods and apparatus for weather-based preconditioning
73 9,322,505 Camera stand having an unlimited range of motion along an axis of rotation
74 9,321,531 Bystander interaction during delivery from aerial vehicle
75 9,321,517 Methods and systems for altitude control of balloons to improve wind data
76 9,321,461 Change detection using curve alignment