Google patents granted on 26 January 2016

84 US patents granted on 26 January 2016 and assigned to Google

1 D748,302 Autonomous vehicle taillamp
2 D748,105 Display panel portion with a changeable graphical user interface component
3 D748,104 Display panel portion with a changeable graphical user interface component
4 D748,103 Display panel portion with a changeable graphical user interface component
5 9,247,522 Location-based reminder process
6 9,247,506 Method and apparatus for multi-radio coexistence on adjacent frequency bands
7 9,247,422 Content communication over a wireless communication link
8 9,247,399 Alert peripheral for notification of events occuring on a programmable user equipment with communication capabilities
9 9,247,385 System and method for determining visibility of geotagged content
10 9,247,380 Location based mobile device profiles
11 9,247,365 Impedance sensing for speaker characteristic information
12 9,247,326 Systems and methods for increasing bandwidth in a computer network
13 9,247,313 Dynamic video ad format based on user bitrate and bandwidth
14 9,247,309 Methods, systems, and media for presenting mobile content corresponding to media content
15 9,247,278 Self-service channel marketplace
16 9,247,257 Segmentation based entropy encoding and decoding
17 9,247,251 Right-edge extension for quad-tree intra-prediction
18 9,247,204 Automatic mute control for video conferencing
19 9,247,152 Determining image alignment failure
20 9,247,106 Color correction based on multiple images
21 9,247,036 Fascia assembly for a portable electronic device
22 9,247,033 Accessing payload portions of client requests from client memory storage hardware using remote direct memory access
23 9,247,029 Efficient processing of streams of images within a moving window session
24 9,247,028 Latency-guided web content retrieval, serving, and rendering
25 9,247,027 Content versioning in a client/server system with advancing capabilities
26 9,247,020 Media content receiving device and distribution of media content utilizing social networks and social circles
27 9,246,990 Methods and systems for predicting conversion rates of content publisher and content provider pairs
28 9,246,989 Scheduling data pushes to a mobile device based on usage and applications thereof
29 9,246,988 Managing data communications based on phone calls between mobile computing devices
30 9,246,926 Packet validation using watermarks
31 9,246,923 Developer risk classifier
32 9,246,889 Layered protection and validation of identity data delivered online via multiple intermediate clients
33 9,246,856 Collaborative streaming of video content
34 9,246,821 Systems and methods for implementing weighted cost multi-path using two-level equal cost multi-path tables
35 9,246,785 Method and apparatus for adaptive network heartbeat message for TCP channel
36 9,246,770 System and method for determining a primary controller in software defined networking
37 9,246,760 System and method for reducing throughput loss responsive to network expansion
38 9,246,741 Scalable, live transcoding with support for adaptive streaming and failover
39 9,246,692 Synchronizing multiple transcoding devices utilizing simultaneity of receipt of multicast packets
40 9,246,570 Method and device for phase adjustment based on closed-loop diversity feedback
41 9,246,542 Simultaneous use of multiple radio frequency channels
42 9,246,454 Low power consumption adaptive power amplifier
43 9,246,216 System and method for adaptive beam forming for specific absorption rate control
44 9,245,497 Systems and methods for configuring the display resolution of an electronic device based on distance and user presbyopia
45 9,245,383 Accelerated three-dimensional intersection testing using compressed volumes
46 9,245,360 Computing devices and methods for deterministically placing geometric shapes within geographic maps
47 9,245,352 Systems and methods for near lossless image compression
48 9,245,288 Experience sharing for a registry event
49 9,245,279 Conversion path performance measures and reports
50 9,245,229 Occupancy pattern detection, estimation and prediction
51 9,245,228 Statistical model for estimating unique users from unauthenticated cookies
52 9,245,165 Auxiliary functionality control and fingerprint authentication based on a same user input
53 9,245,151 Input to locked computing device
54 9,245,138 Shared preferences in a multi-application environment
55 9,245,105 Verification of remote job state for access control
56 9,245,100 Method and apparatus for unlocking a user portable wireless electronic communication device feature
57 9,245,046 Map tile data pre-fetching based on mobile device generated event analysis
58 9,245,025 Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for searching for events from a computer-implemented calendar
59 9,245,024 Contextual-based serving of content segments in a video delivery system
60 9,245,022 Context-based person search
61 9,245,014 Clustering of feedback reports
62 9,245,004 Predicted query generation from partial search query input
63 9,244,985 Generating search results for people
64 9,244,977 Using content identification as context for search
65 9,244,972 Identifying navigational resources for informational queries
66 9,244,953 Systems and methods for asynchronous schema changes
67 9,244,940 Navigation paths for panorama
68 9,244,934 Sharing and synchronizing electronically stored files
69 9,244,930 Geotagged hashtags
70 9,244,919 Organizing books by series
71 9,244,917 Generating a layout
72 9,244,891 Adjusting search result rankings based on multiple user highlighting of documents
73 9,244,842 Data storage device with copy command
74 9,244,702 Installer-free applications using native code modules and persistent local storage
75 9,244,665 Optimized execution of dynamic languages
76 9,244,612 Key selection of a graphical keyboard based on user input posture
77 9,244,597 Representing spatial relationships of elements on a user interface
78 9,244,530 Virtual artifacts using mobile devices
79 9,244,474 Power management in hazard detection systems
80 9,244,147 Automated package delivery to a delivery receptacle
81 9,243,925 Generating a sequence of lane-specific driving directions
82 9,243,921 Intuitive preview of upcoming navigational instructions
83 9,243,913 Enhanced identification of interesting points-of-interest
84 9,242,712 Tendon mounting system