Google patents granted on 26 July 2016

44 US patents granted on 26 July 2016 and assigned to Google

1 D762,237 Portion of a display panel with an animated computer icon
2 D762,230 Display panel with an animated computer icon
3 9,402,241 Method and apparatus for data stream registration switching
4 9,402,237 Using multiple and a single feedback for UE uplink beamforming in soft handoff
5 9,402,169 Method on a writing instrument having wireless communication capability
6 9,402,167 Notification handling system and method
7 9,402,125 Headset having a rotating and extensible ear bud assembly
8 9,402,113 Visualizing video audience retention by impression frequency
9 9,402,112 Two-stage playback: verifying user intent to watch an embedded video
10 9,401,965 Correlating user interactions with interfaces
11 9,401,950 Node unregisterable without user account at remote site
12 9,401,947 Methods, systems, and media for presenting comments based on correlation with content
13 9,401,869 System and methods for sharing memory subsystem resources among datacenter applications
14 9,401,750 Method and precoder information feedback in multi-antenna wireless communication systems
15 9,401,749 Method for codebook enhancement for multi-user multiple-input multiple-output systems
16 9,401,572 Positioning of contacts in audio jack
17 9,401,148 Speaker verification using neural networks
18 9,401,147 Disambiguating input based on context
19 9,401,146 Identification of communication-related voice commands
20 9,401,143 Cluster specific speech model
21 9,401,130 Electronic device with enhanced method of displaying notifications
22 9,401,128 Dynamic update of display pixels
23 9,401,000 Protecting content on a mobile device from mining
24 9,400,894 Management of log files subject to edit restrictions that can undergo modifications
25 9,400,871 Selecting content for devices specific to a particular user
26 9,400,849 Scalable system for determining short paths within web link network
27 9,400,848 Techniques for context-based grouping of messages for translation
28 9,400,832 Dynamic bitwise sharding of live stream comment groups
29 9,400,828 Hierarchical chunking of objects in a distributed storage system
30 9,400,824 Systems and methods for sorting data
31 9,400,816 System for indexing collections of structured objects that provides strong multiversioning semantics
32 9,400,809 Visual restrictions for image searches
33 9,400,789 Associating resources with entities
34 9,400,643 Methods and systems for updating components on a computing device
35 9,400,634 Systems and methods for communicating notifications and textual data associated with applications
36 9,400,630 Systems and methods for enhanced speech recognition interface on mobile device
37 9,400,525 Touch sensitive surface with recessed surface feature for an electronic device
38 9,400,405 Shadow casting alignment technique for seamless displays
39 9,400,183 Method and apparatus to transition between levels using warp zones
40 9,400,035 Cycloid transmission with an adjustable ring
41 9,399,596 Methods and systems for bonding multiple wafers
42 9,399,294 Displaying estimated image data in a user interface
43 9,399,290 Enhancing sensor data by coordinating and/or correlating data attributes
44 9,399,172 Mechanism for allowing a number of split-screens to share a display on a client device beyond an application’s native capacity for split-screening