Google patents granted on 27 October 2015

66 US patents granted on 27 October 2015 and assigned to Google

1 D741,904 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
2 D741,903 Communications terminal with computer icon
3 D741,897 Portion of a display panel with an animated computer icon
4 D741,865 Multimedia interface dongle
5 D741,843 Terrestrial unit for connectivity to a balloon network
6 9,173,241 Radio-link establishment for multi-state cells
7 9,173,146 Method and device for accepting or rejecting a request associated with a mobile device wirelessly connecting to a network
8 9,173,092 Base station data embedded for transmission within information provided to a user device
9 9,173,069 Navigating using an indoor map representation
10 9,173,021 Method and device for adjusting an audio beam orientation based on device location
11 9,172,990 Method and device for optimizing storage of recorded video programs
12 9,172,970 Inter frame candidate selection for a video encoder
13 9,172,967 Coding and decoding utilizing adaptive context model selection with zigzag scan
14 9,172,957 Coding video data with an alternate reference frame generated using a temporal filter
15 9,172,888 Determining exposure times using split paxels
16 9,172,771 System and methods for compressing data based on data link characteristics
17 9,172,759 Fabric network
18 9,172,742 System for detecting trigger event at location and sending notification to remote user device featuring detecting device for detecting trigger event and remote site for receiving notification from detecting device and sending notification to client application of remote user device
19 9,172,740 Adjustable buffer remote access
20 9,172,739 Anticipating domains used to load a web page
21 9,172,730 Social aspects of media guides
22 9,172,670 Disaster-proof event data processing
23 9,172,633 Traffic engineering system for preventing demand deadlock and achieving uniform link utilization
24 9,172,624 Determining physical connectivity of data center devices
25 9,172,606 System for remotely controlling device of node featuring client application that displays virtual component corresponding to physical component of device and remote site located remote from node for sending control commands received from client application to node
26 9,172,604 Target mapping and implementation of abstract device model
27 9,171,642 Sampling network
28 9,171,585 Configurable memory circuit system and method
29 9,171,569 Method and apparatus for assisting with content key changes
30 9,171,546 Performing functions based on commands in context of telephonic communication
31 9,171,527 System and method for displaying geographic imagery
32 9,171,523 GPU-accelerated, two-pass colorspace conversion using multiple simultaneous render targets
33 9,171,434 Selectively redirecting notifications to a wearable computing device
34 9,171,433 Use of NFC in conjunction with other range-based sensors to detect theft of other devices
35 9,171,402 View-dependent textures for interactive geographic information system
36 9,171,352 Automatic processing of images
37 9,171,348 Rendering content on computing systems
38 9,171,335 Providing social graph information for a webpage
39 9,171,315 System and method for negotiating item prices
40 9,171,313 Encoding AD and/or AD serving information in a click URL
41 9,171,302 Processing payment transactions without a secure element
42 9,171,198 Image capture technique
43 9,171,149 Methods and systems for implementing a secure application execution environment using derived user accounts for internet content
44 9,171,095 Track sharing
45 9,171,088 Mining for product classification structures for internet-based product searching
46 9,171,086 Website duration performance based on category durations
47 9,171,028 Method of maintaining a large set of taint labels
48 9,171,018 System and method for associating images with semantic entities
49 9,171,013 System and method for providing objectified image renderings using recognition information from images
50 9,171,011 Building search by contents
51 9,170,995 Identifying context of content items
52 9,170,922 Remote application debugging
53 9,170,848 Parallel processing of data
54 9,170,834 Metadata-based virtual machine configuration
55 9,170,822 Smart limited functionality mode manager
56 9,170,784 Interaction with partially constructed mobile device applications
57 9,170,714 Mixed type text extraction and distribution
58 9,170,710 Method and apparatus for notification on an electronic handheld device using an attention manager
59 9,170,707 Method and system for generating a smart time-lapse video clip
60 9,170,705 System and method for determining an interest in promotional content displayed at a mobile communication device
61 9,170,582 Path based power generation control for an aerial vehicle
62 9,170,113 System and method for mapping an indoor environment
63 9,170,112 Mobile device position and orientation from multiple unsurveyed magnetic sources
64 9,169,013 Methods and systems for transitioning an aerial vehicle between crosswind flight and hover flight
65 9,168,994 Cutter rail guide, block, armature, and blade
66 9,168,761 Disposable digital camera with printing assembly