Google patents granted on 27 September 2016

53 US patents granted on 27 September 2016 and assigned to Google

1 D767,616 Portion of a smart camera display panel with an animated computer icon
2 D767,604 Portion of a display panel with a computer icon
3 9,456,529 Heat management structure for a wearable electronic device and method for manufacturing same
4 9,456,434 Dynamic TDMA system for TV white space MIMO wireless
5 9,456,331 Methods of discovering devices for network formation
6 9,456,297 Methods and apparatus for using smart environment devices via application program interfaces
7 9,456,284 Dual-element MEMS microphone for mechanical vibration noise cancellation
8 9,456,279 Automatic control and grouping of media playback devices based on user detection
9 9,456,237 Methods, systems, and media for presenting supplemental information corresponding to on-demand media content
10 9,456,230 Real time overlays on live streams
11 9,456,149 Methods, systems, and media for managing output of an HDMI source
12 9,456,058 Smart asset management for a content item
13 9,456,012 Inline user addressing in chat and document editing sessions
14 9,455,974 Method and system for determining value of an account
15 9,455,911 In-band centralized control with connection-oriented control protocols
16 9,455,870 Achieving balanced interconnectivity in a computer network
17 9,455,855 Phase shifter chip radio frequency self-test
18 9,454,925 Image degradation reduction
19 9,454,895 Use of optical reflectance proximity detector for nuisance mitigation in smoke alarms
20 9,454,893 Systems and methods for coordinating and administering self tests of smart home devices having audible outputs
21 9,454,847 System and method of indicating transition between street level images
22 9,454,829 Systems and methods for obtaining a digital wallpaper
23 9,454,820 Using a scene illuminating infrared emitter array in a video monitoring camera for depth determination
24 9,454,803 System and method for scene dependent multi-band blending
25 9,454,796 Aligning ground based images and aerial imagery
26 9,454,776 Placement attribute targeting
27 9,454,764 Contextual dynamic advertising based upon captured rendered text
28 9,454,726 Systems and methods for cohort identification and reporting
29 9,454,714 Sequence transcription with deep neural networks
30 9,454,665 Retrieving contact information based on image recognition searches
31 9,454,621 Surfacing navigational search results
32 9,454,611 Providing knowledge panels with search results
33 9,454,600 Refining image relevance models
34 9,454,599 Automatic definition of entity collections
35 9,454,583 Analyzing user profiles
36 9,454,582 Ranking search results
37 9,454,544 Selecting destinations or points of interest
38 9,454,531 Media content presentation by categorizing and formatting media types
39 9,454,519 Promotion and demotion of posts in social networking services
40 9,454,503 Hot swap decoupling for noise reduction and failure prevention
41 9,454,354 Automatic discovery and retrieval of interoperable applications
42 9,454,345 Apparatus for faster division
43 9,454,303 Gesture touch inputs for controlling video on a touchscreen
44 9,454,289 Dyanmic thumbnail representation for a video playlist
45 9,454,288 One-dimensional to two-dimensional list navigation
46 9,454,251 Methods, systems, and media for controlling a remote device using a touch screen of a mobile device in a display inhibited state
47 9,454,240 Gesture keyboard input of non-dictionary character strings
48 9,454,208 Preventing sleep mode for devices based on sensor inputs
49 9,454,207 Delayed shut down of computer
50 9,454,195 Active cooling debris bypass fin pack
51 9,453,920 Scalable multi-source GPS signal distribution network
52 9,453,655 Methods and graphical user interfaces for reporting performance information for an HVAC system controlled by a self-programming network-connected thermostat
53 9,451,915 Performance of a diagnostic procedure using a wearable computing device