Google patents granted on 30 August 2016

64 US patents granted on 30 August 2016 and assigned to Google

1 D765,106 Display panel portion with a changeable graphical user interface component
2 D765,105 Display panel portion with a changeable graphical user interface component
3 D765,104 Display panel portion with a changeable graphical user interface component
4 D765,103 Display panel portion with a changeable graphical user interface component
5 D765,093 Display panel portion with animated computer icon
6 9,432,979 Method for semi-statically adapting uplink multiple-input multiple-output transmission
7 9,432,834 Methods and systems for varying channel scanning duration
8 9,432,772 Methods and apparatus for porting loudspeakers to an earpiece
9 9,432,723 Method of encoding video content
10 9,432,626 Using an avatar in a videoconferencing system
11 9,432,529 Portable handheld device with multi-core microcoded image processor
12 9,432,482 Asynchronous and synchronous resource links
13 9,432,480 Magnetic induction network device
14 9,432,464 Time variant data profile for a fabric network
15 9,432,453 System and method for sharing geospatial assets between local devices
16 9,432,418 Presenting an event-related post in a stream
17 9,432,417 Embeddable media upload object
18 9,432,376 Method and system for determining and sharing a user’s web presence
19 9,432,338 Secure communications using adaptive data compression
20 9,432,274 Intermediary facilitated packet loss recovery
21 9,432,255 Systems and methods for controlling network device temporarily absent from control panel
22 9,432,242 Display of social content
23 9,432,145 Multi-cast optimized medium access method for wireless network
24 9,432,101 Methods for codebook sub-sampling
25 9,431,981 Attention-based dynamic audio level adjustment
26 9,431,831 Updating firmware for charging device
27 9,431,015 Electronic device and method for managing voice entered text using gesturing
28 9,430,937 Contextual, two way remote control
29 9,430,933 Visual and auditory user notification methods for smart-home hazard detector
30 9,430,925 Detector unit and sensing chamber therefor with matter retention member and method for making same
31 9,430,866 Derivative-based selection of zones for banded map display
32 9,430,848 Monochromatic image determination
33 9,430,796 Direct purchase from user-received advertisement
34 9,430,779 Determining visual attributes of content items
35 9,430,776 Customized E-books
36 9,430,719 System and method for providing objectified image renderings using recognition information from images
37 9,430,620 System and method for securing the life-cycle of user domain rights objects
38 9,430,585 Media object query submission and response
39 9,430,578 System and method for anchoring third party metadata in a document
40 9,430,571 Generating travel queries in response to free text queries
41 9,430,519 Dynamically generating pre-aggregated datasets
42 9,430,496 Range of focus in an augmented reality application
43 9,430,469 Methods and systems for recursively generating pivot tables
44 9,430,466 Techniques for crowd sourcing human translations to provide translated versions of web pages with additional content
45 9,430,454 Real-time document sharing and editing
46 9,430,447 Presenting media content based on parsed text
47 9,430,430 Dynamic selection of operating modes
48 9,430,255 Updating virtual machine generated metadata to a distribution service for sharing and backup
49 9,430,202 General purpose software parallel task engine
50 9,430,186 Visual indication of a recognized voice-initiated action
51 9,430,146 Density-based filtering of gesture events associated with a user interface of a computing device
52 9,430,078 Printed force sensor within a touch screen
53 9,430,054 Systems and methods for registering key inputs
54 9,430,033 System wakeup based on changes in physical environment
55 9,430,006 Computing device with heat spreader
56 9,429,990 Point-of-view object selection
57 9,429,962 Auto-configuring time-of day for building control unit
58 9,429,954 Flight control for an airborne wind turbine
59 9,429,772 Eyeglass frame with input and output functionality
60 9,429,756 Transparent microdisplay in head mountable displays
61 9,429,434 System and method for mapping an indoor environment
62 9,429,141 Methods and systems for managing power generation and temperature control of an aerial vehicle operating in crosswind-flight mode
63 9,427,874 Methods and systems for providing landmarks to facilitate robot localization and visual odometry
64 9,427,872 Devices and methods for encoder calibration