Google patents granted on 30 June 2015

70 US patents granted on 30 June 2015 and assigned to Google

1 D733,121 Notebook computer housing
2 D733,103 Headset for a communication device
3 D733,101 Pair of earbuds
4 9,072,080 Techniques for automatically establishing a long-lasting connection across computing devices configured for short-range wireless communication
5 9,072,049 Receiver state estimation in a duty cycled radio
6 9,071,945 Caller feedback in mobile devices
7 9,071,881 Identifying an end of a television program
8 9,071,867 Delaying automatic playing of a video based on visibility of the video
9 9,071,855 Product availability notifications
10 9,071,853 Broadcast content to HTTP client conversion
11 9,071,827 Method and system for automatic 3-D image creation
12 9,071,814 Scene detection based on video encoding parameters
13 9,071,763 Uniform illumination image capture
14 9,071,740 Modular camera system
15 9,071,739 Single pixel camera
16 9,071,721 Camera architecture having a repositionable color filter array
17 9,071,681 Inbound telephony orchestrator for hangout-based contact center platform
18 9,071,609 Methods and apparatus for performing dynamic load balancing of processing resources
19 9,071,597 Secure instant messaging system
20 9,071,566 Retrieving conversations that match a search query
21 9,071,441 Identification and authorization of communication devices
22 9,071,440 Method and system of authenticating the identity of a user of a public computer terminal
23 9,071,347 Electronic device and method for transferring information from one device to another device
24 9,071,309 Method and system for use of quadrature hybrids for closed and open loop beam forming transmit diversity
25 9,071,282 Variable read rates for short-range communication
26 9,070,918 Module level redundancy for fuel cell systems
27 9,070,361 Method and apparatus for encoding a wideband speech signal utilizing downmixing of a highband component
28 9,070,356 Method and apparatus for generating a candidate code-vector to code an informational signal
29 9,070,305 Traffic light detecting system and method
30 9,070,296 Visualization of traffic patterns using GPS data
31 9,070,224 Accurate upper bound for bezier arc approximation error
32 9,070,211 Webview tag for a sandboxed multiprocess browser
33 9,070,210 Computing devices and methods for navigating around a surface of three-dimensional (3D) coordinate system representations of 3D objects
34 9,070,183 Extracting card data with linear and nonlinear transformations
35 9,070,182 Method and system for automatically cropping images
36 9,070,117 Providing contextual information and enabling group communication for participants in a conversation
37 9,070,089 Predictive model importation
38 9,069,985 Server geospatially organized flat file data
39 9,069,866 Method for generating location targeted, keyword-triggered, ads and generating user recallable layer-based ads
40 9,069,865 Geocoding personal information
41 9,069,864 Prioritizing a content item for a user
42 9,069,856 Evaluating access control list data for a social network
43 9,069,855 Modifying a hierarchical data structure according to a pseudo-rendering of a structured document by annotating and merging nodes
44 9,069,849 Methods for enforcing time alignment for speed resistant audio matching
45 9,069,841 Estimating confidence for query revision models
46 9,069,835 Organizing data in a distributed storage system
47 9,069,825 Search dialogue user interface
48 9,069,806 Virtual block devices
49 9,069,794 Determining location information for images using landmark, caption, and metadata location data
50 9,069,793 Dynamic highlighting of geographic entities on electronic maps
51 9,069,776 Serving encrypted and plain data from a low latency non-volatile memory
52 9,069,753 Determining proximity measurements indicating respective intended inputs
53 9,069,744 Extensible framework for ereader tools, including named entity information
54 9,069,681 Real-time log joining on a continuous stream of events that are approximately ordered
55 9,069,658 Using a virtual to physical map for direct user space communication with a data storage device
56 9,069,616 Bandwidth throttling of virtual disks
57 9,069,615 Application management
58 9,069,567 High performance execution environment
59 9,069,549 Machine processor
60 9,069,523 Computer display including a bezel
61 9,069,460 Using pressure differences with a touch-sensitive display screen
62 9,069,434 Adjusting sizes of attached windows
63 9,069,416 Method and system for selecting content using a touchscreen
64 9,069,394 Fully clickable trackpad
65 9,069,382 Using visual layers to aid in initiating a visual search
66 9,069,164 Methods and systems for a virtual input device
67 9,069,115 Edge configurations for reducing artifacts in eyepieces
68 9,069,060 Circuit architecture for optical receiver with increased dynamic range
69 9,068,846 Systems, computer-implemented methods, and computer-readable media to provide building information to on-site mobile-devices
70 9,067,666 Superpressure balloon envelope cage structure and rigging technique