Google patents granted on 31 May 2016

75 US patents granted on 31 May 2016 and assigned to Google

1 D757,724 Portion of a handheld device
2 D757,621 Vehicle rear door with reflector
3 D757,620 Vehicle rear reflector
4 9,357,586 Method and apparatus to facilitate mobile station communications using internet protocol-based communications
5 9,357,563 Preventing misuse of random access procedure in wireless communication system
6 9,357,520 Methods and systems for signal diffusion modeling for a discretized map of signal strength
7 9,357,498 Method and device with dynamic dormancy
8 9,357,490 Wireless transceiver
9 9,357,401 Method and apparatus for adaptive reduction of interference in a small cell of a mobile telecommunication system
10 9,357,342 Short-range wireless controller filtering and reporting
11 9,357,341 Receiver for backscatter communication
12 9,357,323 Method and apparatus for audio matrix decoding
13 9,357,271 Systems and method for using closed captions to initiate display of related content on a second display device
14 9,357,223 System and method for decoding using parallel processing
15 9,357,178 Video-revenue prediction tool
16 9,357,168 Facilitating video conferences
17 9,357,129 Methods and systems for removal of rolling shutter effects
18 9,357,127 System for auto-HDR capture decision making
19 9,357,063 Disruption blocking in mobile devices
20 9,357,022 Measuring effectiveness of social networking activity
21 9,357,019 Systems and methods for identifying increased user interest and promoting content in a geographic information system
22 9,357,002 Mitigation of optimistic acknowledgement attacks in a computer protocol
23 9,356,918 Identification delegation for devices
24 9,356,904 Event invitations having cinemagraphs
25 9,356,901 Determining message prominence
26 9,356,893 Fallback messaging
27 9,356,793 System and method for managing load on a downstream server in a distributed storage system
28 9,356,792 Recording events for social media
29 9,356,738 Adaptive data unit transmission and acknowledgment
30 9,356,672 Apparatus and methods for adaptive antenna diversity in a multi-antenna system
31 9,356,461 Methods and systems for rapid wireless charging where the low state of charge (SOC) temperature dependent charging current and low SOC temperature limit are higher than the high SOC temperature dependent charging current and high SOC temperature limit
32 9,355,640 Invoking action responsive to co-presence determination
33 9,355,562 Using other vehicle trajectories to aid autonomous vehicles driving through partially known areas
34 9,355,432 Method and system for automatically cropping images
35 9,355,425 Soft posting to social activity streams
36 9,355,415 Providing content recommendation to users on a site
37 9,355,410 Methods and apparatus for generating a message for a wireless device
38 9,355,391 Digital wallet
39 9,355,387 System and method for event management and information sharing
40 9,355,300 Inferring the gender of a face in an image
41 9,355,191 Identification of query completions which change users’ original search intent
42 9,355,186 Launching applications from webpages
43 9,355,177 Web crawler scheduler that utilizes sitemaps from websites
44 9,355,175 Triggering answer boxes
45 9,355,169 Phrase extraction using subphrase scoring
46 9,355,168 Topic based user profiles
47 9,355,158 Modifying search results based on selection of one of the search results
48 9,355,140 Associating an entity with a search query
49 9,355,113 Encoding and decoding delta values
50 9,355,110 Dynamic presentation of data items based on prioritized associations
51 9,355,094 Motion responsive user interface for realtime language translation
52 9,355,082 Contextual history of computing objects
53 9,355,080 Propagating user feedback on shared posts
54 9,355,074 Display-content alteration for user interface devices
55 9,355,072 Recursive embedding by URL parameterization
56 9,355,067 Distribution of parameter calculation for iterative optimization methods
57 9,354,900 Method and apparatus for presenting a window in a system having two operating system environments
58 9,354,899 Simultaneous display of multiple applications using panels
59 9,354,794 Method and system for performing client-side zooming of a remote video feed
60 9,354,722 Low power management of multiple sensor integrated chip architecture
61 9,354,714 Keypad with integrated touch sensitive apparatus
62 9,354,698 Differential proximity sensing and side detection for an electronic device
63 9,354,445 Information processing on a head-mountable device
64 9,354,074 Controlling media output during consecutive navigation interruptions
65 9,353,965 Automated display adjustment for smart-home device based on viewer location or other sensed viewer-related parameters
66 9,353,964 Systems and methods for wirelessly-enabled HVAC control
67 9,353,963 Occupancy-based wireless control of multiple environmental zones with zone controller identification
68 9,353,792 Biased compound radial plain bearing for increased life in oscillating pivot motion
69 9,353,033 Airborne rigid kite with on-board power plant for ship propulsion
70 9,352,930 Methods and systems for winding a tether
71 9,352,832 Bridles for stability of a powered kite and a system and method for use of same
72 9,352,752 Engaging and disengaging for autonomous driving
73 9,352,682 Apparatus for absorbing a force
74 9,352,470 Yaw slip handling in a robotic device
75 9,352,234 Player rankings based on long term opponent activity