Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 02 December 2014

30 US patents granted on 02 December 2014 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 8,904,514 Implementing a host security service by delegating enforcement to a network device
2 8,904,406 Coordination of tasks executed by a plurality of threads using two synchronization primitive calls
3 8,904,383 Virtual machine migration according to environmental data
4 8,904,381 User defined data partitioning (UDP)–grouping of data based on computation model
5 8,904,341 Deriving grounded model of business process suitable for automatic deployment
6 8,904,280 Recursive flows in variable-data printing document templates
7 8,904,176 Protecting the information encoded in a bloom filter using encoded bits of data
8 8,904,128 Processing a request to restore deduplicated data
9 8,904,092 Identifying a location containing invalid data in a storage media
10 8,904,000 Provision of services over a common delivery platform such as a mobile telephony network
11 8,903,989 Adjustable server-transmission rates over fixed-speed backplane connections within a multi-server enclosure
12 8,903,985 Sharing status information across a plurality of communication networks
13 8,903,970 Explicit logging of network user node/target node coupling
14 8,903,888 Retrieving data of a virtual machine based on demand to migrate the virtual machine between physical machines
15 8,903,833 Object identification by elector
16 8,903,766 Data mirroring using a virtual connection
17 8,903,175 System and method for script and orientation detection of images
18 8,903,126 Determining parameter values based on indications of preference
19 8,902,929 Approximate enumerative coding method and apparatus
20 8,902,891 Method of managing broadcasts and multicasts by a network device
21 8,902,483 Accurate printing of a target colour
22 8,902,426 Control of light-emitting diodes and sensors
23 8,902,280 Communicating visual representations in virtual collaboration systems
24 8,900,678 Coated medium for inkjet printing and method of fabricating the same
25 8,900,677 Print medium
26 8,899,741 Printer including duplex media path
27 8,899,722 Wiping assembly for a fluid ejection device
28 8,899,717 Print speed determination based on a power budget
29 8,899,712 Printing systems and methods performed by printing systems
30 8,899,709 Determining an issue with an inkjet nozzle using an impedance difference