Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 02 May 2006

44 US patents granted on 02 May 2006 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 7,039,948 Service control manager security manager lookup
2 7,039,917 Method and system for executing tools in a service control manager module
3 7,039,897 Modeling a target system by interpolating
4 7,039,892 Systems and methods for ensuring correct connectivity between circuit designs
5 7,039,886 Systems and methods for generating test vectors to analyze cells of electronic gates
6 7,039,884 Method of extracting circuit timing parameters using picosecond-scale photon timing measurements
7 7,039,836 High performance computer system having a firmware error queue and automatic error handling
8 7,039,835 Drop-out management system and method
9 7,039,796 Method and system of locating a position in memory at which to store incoming firmware image
10 7,039,780 Digital camera memory system
11 7,039,765 Techniques for cache memory management using read and write operations
12 7,039,742 Handheld option pack identification scheme
13 7,039,739 Method and apparatus for providing seamless hooking and intercepting of selected kernel and HAL exported entry points
14 7,039,736 Systems and methods for accessing bus-mastered system resources
15 7,039,734 System and method of mastering a serial bus
16 7,039,719 Distributed system with an efficient atomic broadcast mechanism
17 7,039,705 Representing capacities and demands in a layered computing environment using normalized values
18 7,039,696 Method and system for processing data for network connections
19 7,039,638 Distributed data clustering system and method
20 7,039,634 Semantic querying a peer-to-peer network
21 7,039,539 Rack equipment environmental condition adjustment system and method
22 7,039,352 Thermally self-regulating fusing system for thermal transfer overcoat device including stationary heating assembly
23 7,038,941 Magnetic memory storage device
24 7,038,878 Micromover configured to move a magnetic storage medium in perpendicular directions in a plane
25 7,038,874 Tamper resistant write once recording of a data storage cartridge having rewritable media
26 7,038,867 Filter for display system
27 7,038,849 Color selective screen, enhanced performance of projection display systems
28 7,038,799 Document delivery system for automatically printing a document on a printing device
29 7,038,796 Document delivery system for automatically printing a document on a printing device
30 7,038,717 Appliance and method for menu navigation
31 7,038,712 Geometric and photometric calibration of cameras
32 7,038,696 Method and apparatus for implementing color graphics on a remote computer
33 7,038,669 System and method for providing a reference video signal
34 7,038,188 Non-demolition photon detector that preserves input state characteristics
35 7,037,736 Fluid ejection device
36 7,037,611 Fuel cartridge for use with fuel cell
37 7,037,398 Clear protective overcoat for a printed medium
38 7,037,134 Interconnect system having housing assembly with pin receptor
39 7,036,939 Digital projector control method and apparatus
40 7,036,919 Print Cartridge
41 7,036,914 Fluid ejection device with fire cells
42 7,036,897 Method and apparatus for operating a printer
43 D520,014 Portable computer media station
44 D520,005 LCD monitor