Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 03 April 2007

43 US patents granted on 03 April 2007 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 D539,840 Printer
2 D539,839 Document feeder
3 7,200,845 System and method for high availability firmware load
4 7,200,844 User installation of imaging device control system
5 7,200,821 Receiver and method for mitigating temporary logic transitions
6 7,200,802 Evaluating distinctiveness of document
7 7,200,800 Platform independent file manipulation
8 7,200,781 Detecting and diagnosing a malfunctioning host coupled to a communications bus
9 7,200,778 System and method for verifying HDL events for observability
10 7,200,770 Restoring access to a failed data storage device in a redundant memory system
11 7,200,765 Docking station for a wireless mouse with control of a computer
12 7,200,747 System for ensuring data privacy and user differentiation in a distributed file system
13 7,200,734 Operating-system-transparent distributed memory
14 7,200,705 Method of checkpointing state of virtual memory for process
15 7,200,665 Allowing requests of a session to be serviced by different servers in a multi-server data service system
16 7,200,650 Method and device avatar system for providing an electronic service for an electronic device
17 7,200,604 Data de-duplication
18 7,200,598 System and method for efficiently replicating a file among a plurality of recipients having improved scalability
19 7,200,589 Format-independent advertising of data center resource capabilities
20 7,200,579 Method and apparatus for determining prices that maximize revenue
21 7,200,575 Managing access to digital content
22 7,200,569 Intelligent apparatus, system and method for financial data computation and analysis
23 7,200,542 Method and apparatus for biased identification of potential data sharing locations
24 7,200,505 Methods and systems for identifying recurrent patterns
25 7,200,402 Method for handing off streaming media sessions between wireless base stations in a mobile streaming media system
26 7,200,264 White point estimation using color by convolution
27 7,199,967 Methods and apparatus for transporting data cartridges between adjacent cartridge libraries
28 7,199,916 Light modulator device
29 7,199,895 Processing a printer control command
30 7,199,894 Providing information to printing devices for facilitating printing
31 7,199,813 Photographic printer using hyper-pigment loaded toners
32 7,199,671 Systems and methods for clock generation using hot-swappable oscillators
33 7,199,611 System to temporarily modify an output waveform
34 7,199,025 Fabrication and assembly structures and methods for memory devices
35 7,198,834 Imaging media including interference layer for generating human-readable marking on optical media
36 7,198,726 Slotted substrates and methods and systems for forming same
37 7,198,474 Pump having shape memory actuator and fuel cell system including the same
38 7,198,358 Heating element, fluid heating device, inkjet printhead, and print cartridge having the same and method of making the same
39 7,198,094 Finned device for removing heat from an electronic component
40 7,198,044 Applicator for dispensing bioactive compositions and methods for using the same
41 7,197,971 Device for trimming sheet material
42 7,197,851 Accessible telepresence display booth
43 7,197,806 Fastener for variable mounting