Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 03 October 2006

32 US patents granted on 03 October 2006 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 D529,490 Flat panel computer having an integrally housed flat panel display
2 7,117,464 System and method for evaluating signal coupling between differential traces in a package design
3 7,117,454 Molecular logic gates
4 7,117,338 Virtual memory address translation control by TLB purge monitoring
5 7,117,313 Using local storage to handle multiple outstanding requests in a SCI system
6 7,117,309 Method of detecting sequential workloads to increase host read throughput
7 7,117,302 Boot techniques involving tape media
8 7,117,297 Method and apparatus for storing multiple entry types and ordering information using a single addressable storage array
9 7,117,263 Apparatus and method for processing requests from an external queue in a TCP/IP-based application system
10 7,117,242 System and method for workload-aware request distribution in cluster-based network servers
11 7,117,201 Resource searching
12 7,117,169 Method for coupling an ordering system to a management system in a data center environment
13 7,117,129 Commissioning of sensors
14 7,116,916 Method and apparatus for compacting data in a communication network
15 7,116,820 Detecting and correcting red-eye in a digital image
16 7,116,773 Reverse caller-identification
17 7,116,678 High speed physical layer for CSMA/CD systems
18 7,116,576 Sensing the state of a storage cell including a magnetic element
19 7,116,522 System and method related to a flexible circuit
20 7,116,446 Restoration and enhancement of scanned document images
21 7,116,364 Method and apparatus for maintaining a consistent effective focal length in a digital camera
22 7,116,361 Image storage queue adapted to store images according to archival status
23 7,116,241 Removable memory cartridge system for use with a server or other processor-based device
24 7,116,150 Clock gater circuit and associated method
25 7,115,675 Under-/overprinting fluid component for enhancing ink stability in printing
26 7,115,505 Methods for electrically isolating portions of wafers
27 7,114,810 Multimedia display device
28 7,114,801 Method and apparatus for providing ink to an ink jet printing system
29 7,114,799 Printing ink delivery control mechanism
30 7,114,717 Print media registration device and method
31 7,114,555 Controlled cooling of a data center
32 7,114,377 Methods and systems for ascertaining the roughness of a print media surface