Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 04 December 2007

33 US patents granted on 04 December 2007 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 7,305,547 Method for upgrading a host/agent security system that includes digital certificate management and an upgradable backward compatible host/agent security system digital certificate infrastructure
2 7,305,530 Copy operations in storage networks
3 7,305,520 Storage system with capability to allocate virtual storage segments among a plurality of controllers
4 7,305,518 Method and system for dynamically adjusting DRAM refresh rate
5 7,305,508 Semaphoring system between system firmware and hardware manipulation subsystem
6 7,305,507 Multi-stage round robin arbitration system
7 7,305,497 Performing resource analysis on one or more cards of a computer system wherein a plurality of severity levels are assigned based on a predetermined criteria
8 7,305,490 Preparing electronic data for transmission
9 7,305,449 Web-based imaging service providing reservation
10 7,305,416 Network assembly and method for inserting an identification code
11 7,305,375 Method and system for distributed remote resources
12 7,305,212 Message passing to a known location
13 7,305,146 Tilt correction of electronic images
14 7,305,131 Extracting graphical bar codes from an input image
15 7,305,093 Method and apparatus for securely transferring data
16 7,305,068 Telephone communication with silent response feature
17 7,304,769 Color imaging devices, color image forming methods, and color image data processing methods
18 7,304,766 Method and apparatus for data adjustment
19 7,304,757 System and method for secure printing
20 7,304,683 Method of automatically adjusting exposure in a shutterless digital camera
21 7,304,681 Method and apparatus for continuous focus and exposure in a digital imaging device
22 7,304,678 Appliance and method for communicating and viewing multiple captured images
23 7,304,666 Remote configuration of menus
24 7,304,578 Tag including RFID circuit storing data modifiable using a physically alterable medium
25 7,304,364 Embossed mask lithography
26 7,304,099 Preparation of improved inks for inkjet printers
27 7,303,976 Wafer bonding method
28 7,303,282 Multimedia display device
29 7,303,273 Heated roll system for drying printed media
30 7,303,246 Printhead-to-media spacing adjustment apparatus and method
31 7,303,189 System for media handling
32 7,302,888 Method and apparatus for rotational media printing
33 7,302,751 Method of fabricating a rat’s nest RFID antenna