Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 05 August 2008

23 US patents granted on 05 August 2008 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 7,409,685 Initialization and update of software and/or firmware in electronic devices
2 7,409,581 Main memory controller adapted to correct corrupted data by xoring corrupted data to directly generate correct data
3 7,409,576 High-availability cluster with proactive maintenance
4 7,409,531 Integrated micro-controller and programmable device
5 7,409,524 System and method for responding to TLB misses
6 7,409,503 Register file systems and methods for employing speculative fills
7 7,409,500 Systems and methods for employing speculative fills
8 7,409,477 Memory card having a processor coupled between host interface and second interface wherein internal storage code provides a generic interface between host interface and processor
9 7,409,372 Neural network trained with spatial errors
10 7,409,207 Communication system and method
11 7,409,094 Methods and systems for packetizing encoded data
12 7,408,788 Device and method for circuit board insertion and removal
13 7,408,772 Fan tray electronics enclosure
14 7,408,658 Generation and usage of workflows for processing data on a printing device
15 7,408,656 Controlling printer macro usage based on printer identification information
16 7,408,634 Automated imaging with phosphorescent imaging targets
17 7,408,559 Upscaling of anti-aliased graphical elements
18 7,408,107 Keyboard with audio output
19 7,407,603 Liquid crystal device, compositions and method of manufacture
20 7,407,541 Inkjet dye design
21 7,407,395 Latch for connecting a component to a device
22 7,407,099 Method and apparatus for achieving a tailored content response based upon a product identifier coupled with a device identifier
23 D574,377 Kiosk