Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 05 February 2013

24 US patents granted on 05 February 2013 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 8,370,834 Routing across a virtual network
2 8,370,833 Method and system for implementing a virtual storage pool in a virtual environment
3 8,370,825 Program-update prioritization according to program-usage tracking
4 8,370,688 Identifying a storage device as faulty for a first storage volume without identifying the storage device as faulty for a second storage volume
5 8,370,681 Remote backup storage
6 8,370,631 Trusted identities on a trusted computing platform
7 8,370,614 Booting a computer device
8 8,370,610 Remote configuration of computing platforms
9 8,370,582 Merging subsequent updates to a memory location
10 8,370,574 System and method for storing configuration data of a storage automation device
11 8,370,571 Transfer control of a storage volume between storage controllers in a cluster
12 8,370,478 Testing a data communication architecture
13 8,370,468 Method and apparatus for creating a secure embedded I/O processor for a remote server management controller
14 8,370,416 Compatibility enforcement in clustered computing systems
15 8,370,161 Responding to a call to action contained in an audio signal
16 8,369,665 Hybrid guided-mode resonance filter and method employing distributed bragg reflection
17 8,369,664 Optical apparatus for forming a tunable cavity
18 8,369,247 Method and system for facilitating multi-point communications
19 8,369,212 Network path validation based on user-specified criteria
20 8,368,716 Processing pixel values of a color image
21 8,368,666 Method and apparatus for interpreting input movement on a computing device interface as a one- or two-dimensional input
22 8,368,118 Semiconductor structure having an ELOG on a thermally and electrically conductive mask
23 8,368,050 Plasmon enhanced light-emitting diodes
24 8,366,231 Inkjet printing