Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 05 July 2011

26 US patents granted on 05 July 2011 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 D640,976 Support structure and/or cradle for a mobile computing device
2 D640,870 Print media case
3 7,975,306 Apparatus and method for monitoring secure software
4 7,975,271 System and method for dynamically determining a portion of a resource for which a thread is to obtain a lock
5 7,975,205 Error correction algorithm selection based upon memory organization
6 7,975,150 Method and system for protecting queryable data
7 7,975,147 Electronic device network supporting enciphering and deciphering and update generation in electronic devices
8 7,975,089 Computer dock providing for disconnecting media from docking port when lock is inserted
9 7,975,052 Network switch determining and notifying client if requests associated with restricted network policy
10 7,975,048 Network including snooping
11 7,975,043 Method and apparatus for monitoring a network
12 7,974,995 Techniques to associate media information with related information
13 7,974,990 Managing program applications
14 7,974,943 Building a synchronized target database
15 7,974,932 Service utility pricing model
16 7,974,910 Analyzing auction data having a varying number of bidders
17 7,974,613 Device capability determination for a mobile device
18 7,974,611 Method, apparatus or software for managing a call in a telecommunications network
19 7,974,585 Method for performing a frequency correction of a wireless device
20 7,974,219 Network troubleshooting using path topology
21 7,974,211 Methods and apparatus for network configuration baselining and restoration
22 7,973,772 Single piece top surface display layer and integrated front cover for an electronic device
23 7,972,882 Microresonator systems and methods of fabricating the same
24 7,972,426 Printed security mark
25 7,971,984 Systems and methods for varying dye concentrations
26 7,971,458 Bracket assembly for lock