Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 05 October 2010

28 US patents granted on 05 October 2010 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 7,810,097 Priority analysis of access transactions in an information system
2 7,810,044 Electronic device display adjustment interface
3 7,809,991 System and method to qualify data capture
4 7,809,965 Computer systems and related methods for cooling such systems
5 7,809,919 Automatic data block misalignment detection and correction in a computer system utilizing a hard disk subsystem
6 7,809,811 System and method for operator network capable of problem determination and solution deployment
7 7,809,781 Determining a time point corresponding to change in data values based on fitting with respect to plural aggregate value sets
8 7,809,756 Providing file management of backup data stored on one or more removable storage media
9 7,809,366 Mobile device client
10 7,809,278 Apparatus and method of providing separate control and data channels between arrays of light emitters and detectors for optical communication and alignment
11 7,809,025 System and method for distributing clock signals
12 7,808,982 Method for verifying shared state synchronization of redundant modules in a high availability network switch
13 7,808,969 Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) ready computer system and method
14 7,808,898 Flow estimator
15 7,808,794 Media storage systems and control panel for use therewith
16 7,808,685 Method and system for printing a print job using a memory device
17 7,808,603 Laminated article with flexible substrate
18 7,808,446 Active display system and method with optical addressing
19 7,808,277 Bidirectional signal separation module for a bus converter
20 7,808,061 Multi-die apparatus including moveable portions
21 7,808,005 Light-emitting device with photonic grating configured for extracting light from light-emitting structure
22 7,807,326 Printing semiconducting components
23 7,807,256 Toner receiving composition
24 7,807,079 Method of forming orifice plate for fluid ejection device
25 7,806,489 Latch systems for a drive cage assembly
26 7,806,399 Media support pick device
27 7,806,333 Tracking RFID tags with overlapping antennas
28 7,805,826 Fabrication of slot waveguide