Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 06 November 2007

31 US patents granted on 06 November 2007 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 7,293,292 Method and system for securely and selectively providing optional features or premium functionality in a printer
2 7,293,168 System and method for initially configuring and booting a device using a device identifier
3 7,293,166 Method of indicating a format of accessing an operating system contained on a USB memory device
4 7,293,106 Method of finding a path between two nodes in a network
5 7,293,102 Method and apparatus for storing data and replaying stored data in a temporally accurate manner
6 7,293,083 Internet usage data recording system and method employing distributed data processing and data storage
7 7,293,069 Method and apparatus for supplying network path bookmark information remotely to a mobile device
8 7,293,048 System for preserving logical object integrity within a remote mirror cache
9 7,292,972 System and method for combining text summarizations
10 7,292,810 Liquid electrophotographic imaging device and methods
11 7,292,686 Exchange node
12 7,292,573 Methods and apparatus for selection of mirrored traffic
13 7,292,506 System and method of redundant cabling in a media storage system
14 7,292,498 Factored nanoscale multiplexer/demultiplexer circuit for interfacing nanowires with microscale and sub-microscale electronic devices
15 7,292,384 Method and apparatus for providing a three-dimensional moving image display
16 7,292,355 Device and method for securing print jobs stored on a printer
17 7,292,334 Binary arrays of nanoparticles for nano-enhanced Raman scattering molecular sensors
18 7,292,187 Determining a position of at least one beacon in a location system
19 7,291,564 Method and structure for facilitating etching
20 7,291,522 Semiconductor devices and methods of making
21 7,291,514 Bottom electrode chemically-bonded Langmuir-Blodgett films via photolabile groups
22 7,291,418 Methods and systems for elevating a temperature within a fuel cell
23 7,291,417 Compositional and structural gradients for fuel cell electrode materials
24 7,291,380 Laser enhanced plating for forming wiring patterns
25 7,291,282 Method of fabricating a mold for imprinting a structure
26 7,290,715 Physical multimedia documents, and methods and apparatus for publishing and reading them
27 D554,699 Printer
28 D554,698 Printer
29 D554,697 Printer
30 D554,655 User interface on a display device
31 D554,648 Portable computer