Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 06 November 2012

23 US patents granted on 06 November 2012 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 RE43,788 Re-writable optical disk having reference clock information permanently formed on the disk
2 D670,294 Door for computer rack cabinet
3 D670,259 Housing for a mobile computing device
4 8,307,440 Non-blocking shared state in an intrusion-prevention system
5 8,307,417 Port enablement
6 8,307,259 Hardware based memory scrubbing
7 8,307,063 Method and apparatus for managing data traffic associated with a user on a network
8 8,307,024 Assisted peer-to-peer media streaming
9 8,306,949 Method and system for copying a file using a portable electronic device
10 8,306,947 Replication of operations on objects distributed in a storage system
11 8,306,911 Payment option analyzer based on measured utilization
12 8,306,023 Smuggling and recovery of non-packet information
13 8,306,015 Technique for identifying RTP based traffic in core routing switches
14 8,305,914 Method for signal adjustment through latency control
15 8,305,889 Method for allocating a resource among consumers in proportion to configurable weights
16 8,305,741 Interior connector scheme for accessorizing a mobile computing device with a removeable housing segment
17 8,305,604 System and method of network printing
18 8,305,386 BIOS graphical engine providing uniform look and feel
19 8,305,244 Coding data using different coding alphabets
20 8,305,096 Apparatus and method for measuring and monitoring layer properties in web-based processes
21 8,303,101 Apparatus for printing on a medium
22 8,303,081 Printer backbone with integrated carriage rod
23 8,302,955 Rotating vacuum fingers for removal of printing media from an impression drum