Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 07 July 2009

25 US patents granted on 07 July 2009 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 D595,721 Computer controller front bezel
2 7,558,954 Method and apparatus for ensuring the integrity of data
3 7,558,855 Vending network resources
4 7,558,823 System and method for managing virtual collaboration systems
5 7,558,766 Classification using enhanced feature sets
6 7,558,724 Operation region describing a virtual device
7 7,558,649 Method for predicting airflow rates
8 7,558,621 Synthesizing a reference value in an electrocardial waveform
9 7,558,561 System for communicating a story mail between communications devices that extends voice mail
10 7,558,317 Edge calibration for synchronous data transfer between clock domains
11 7,558,227 System and method for monitoring for wake events in a wireless local area network
12 7,558,217 Method and system for initializing host location information across smart bridge topology changes
13 7,558,216 Network connection control
14 7,558,075 Accessing an interior of an electronic system
15 7,558,063 Server with a flexible cooling scheme
16 7,558,061 Cooling fan module
17 7,558,013 Programming a sensitivity level into an inertial sensor based on a proxy of whether a system is in transit
18 7,557,819 Image display system and method including optical scaling
19 7,557,810 System and method for assessing performance optimizations in a graphics system
20 7,557,782 Display device including variable optical element and programmable resistance element
21 7,557,712 Systems and method for monitoring equipment
22 7,556,880 Compositional and structural gradients for fuel cell electrode materials
23 7,556,367 Ink delivery system and a method for replacing ink
24 7,556,365 Inkjet printing system with compliant printhead assembly
25 7,556,249 Storage medium and method steps for making a booklet