Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 08 March 2011

29 US patents granted on 08 March 2011 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 7,904,910 Cluster system and method for operating cluster nodes
2 7,904,895 Firmware update in electronic devices employing update agent in a flash memory card
3 7,904,786 Assisted memory system
4 7,904,739 Managing a power state for a peripheral
5 7,904,730 System for providing a trustworthy user interface
6 7,904,728 Consumable resource access control
7 7,904,686 Data security for use with a file system
8 7,904,676 Method and system for achieving varying manners of memory access
9 7,904,633 Switch providing external access to computer-system components and computer-system peripherals
10 7,904,576 Reliable datagram via independent source destination resources
11 7,904,539 System and method for servicing inquiry commands about target devices in storage area network
12 7,904,504 Policy enforcement and access control for distributed networked services
13 7,904,476 Computer-implemented method for compressing representation of binary relation
14 7,904,432 Compressed data structure for extracted changes to a database and method of generating the data structure
15 7,904,391 Methods of returning merchandise purchased by a customer from a vendor, computer implemented methods performed by a vendor, and return of merchandise processing apparatuses
16 7,903,690 Method and system of sending an audio stream and a data stream
17 7,903,655 Marked packet forwarding
18 7,903,571 System and method for improving multi-node processing
19 7,903,556 Method of controlling data transfers between nodes in a computer system
20 7,903,418 Thermal mitigation device and method
21 7,903,409 System and method for cooling an electronic device
22 7,903,404 Data centers
23 7,903,281 Methods, apparatus and software for printing location pattern and printed materials
24 7,903,119 Compression of image regions according to graphics command type
25 7,902,966 Microcontroller for controlling an actuator
26 7,902,869 Extensible three dimensional circuit
27 7,901,749 Porous inkjet printing substrate containing polymer-grafted mineral oxides
28 7,901,131 Apparatus state determination method and system
29 7,900,577 System and a method for starch-based, slow-release oral dosage forms